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Overview of Course (in Hindi)
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This is an overview lesson for the upcoming course which tells about the topics that are going to be covered in this course.The topics that lessons of this course will contain are - Newton's laws of motion, work power and energy, center of mass and gravitation.

Yuvraj Singh Rathore
Btech in ECE,IIT-JEE Mentor, Qualified JEE,VITEEE,IPUCET, SRMJEE,love listening to music and playing cricket.

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please check this in question 2 that the judges are appointed by president but there strength is decided in parliament.
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  2. Course overview Newton Laws of motion. Work power and energy. Center of mass. Gravitation.

  3. Newton's laws of motion Definition of force. Newton's 1st law of motion and its examples. Newton's 2nd law of motion and its examples Newton's 3rd law of motion and its examples.

  4. Work, Power and Energy Definition of work with examples. Unit of work. Examples for the block placed on ground Examples for the block placed on inclined plane. Examples based on the block placed in a semicircular track.

  5. Center of mass Definition of center of mass. Calculation of center of mass. Center of mass of two particle system Center of mass by replacement method Examples.

  6. Gravitation Universal law of gravitation. Examples. Gravitational force due to hollow sphere. Gravitational force due to solid sphere. Examples.