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Overview of Course and Logical addressing meaning (in Hindi )
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In this course we are going to discuss in detail about IP Addressing, modes of communication in detail

Nisha Mittal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nisha Mittal
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sir,is this enough for class 12th boards?
Ashish Bajpai
10 months ago
this course is more than enough
Like software engineering can u pls discuss imprtnt tpics of cn
thank you very much mam....
बहुत बहुत सुक्रिया आपका मैडम जी। बहुत बढ़िया तरिके से समझाया है आपने।।

  2. Meaning of IPv4 Types of Addressing Classful Addressing (Class A, B, C, D, E) Subnetting Supernetting Types of Communication (Casting)

  3. Logical Addressing (IP Addressing) Communication is done with Logical Addressing IP Addressing Py4 IPv6 32 Bit Address 128 Bit Address

  4. Classful Addressing (IPV4) It divides IP address into 5 classes A B C DE Class A, B, C has two parts Net IDHost ID

  5. Classful Addressing It supports two notations for IP Addresses: Binary(Consist of Os and 1s) Dotted Decimal 10000000 0000101 00000011 128. 11.3.31

  6. Classful Addressing In Classful Addressing, IP Address has 32 bits, divided into 4 octet Bits. 10000000 00001011 00000011 000 10000000 00001011 00000011

  7. Types of Message Casting Unicast Multicast Broadcast Limited Broadcasting Directed Broadcasting

  8. Types of Message Casting Unicast Multicast Broadcast Class A, B, C Class D Class E For Research Limited Broadcasting Directed Broadcasting