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Overview: Indian Economy Decoded
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In this introductory lesson I have outlined the syllabus for Indian economy.

Mohini Jain
Gold medalist in Economics and graduate from St. Francis. Loves to read novels.

Unacademy user
Your videos are really helpful and easy to understand . Thanks for the utmost effort to give us something useful.
Arti vaghela
2 years ago
its all my pleasure and thanks for your encouragement n wishing u a really very happy new year .... this year will bring lots of love and smile for u n your family as well
thanks. wish you an awesome year ahead
Arti vaghela
a year ago
hello sravanesh.. done with prelims ?? hwzz yr exam?? (smile )
Ma'am can you please suggest a standard book from the UPSC point of view? I have Ramesh Singh with me though the whole language is pretty cumbersome. Thanks in advance :)
I am new to economic subject so I gather some information from some of my friends about the books and author and they advised me to start from Indian economic development by I. C DINGRA so I wanted to know that will it be effective for me to understand all the things in economics?
Mam if i understand all concept which you provides me . There is any need to consult books
Please provide download option for videos or provide the link to download written notes.
Did yu receive the notes? Or any link to download it?
Mam eagerly waiting for rest of the videos. Thanks for all the knowledge sharing.We owe you
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