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Concepts of Economy Simplified through Storytelling for Govt. Exams (UPSC CSE/IAS)


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Mohini Jain

The course is about Indian economy and tries to present it in an innovative manner I.e complex concepts with simple examples. It has been designed for each and every one of you who finds Economics a hard nut to crack but, hard nuts are the easiest to crack. If you don't believe me watch this series and you will know that it is the easiest subject which can be mastered with some amount of concentration. Tags: Economics for UPSC CSE, Indian economy, Indian economy for UPSC CSE, Fiscal policy of India, Indian Budget, Monetary policy, Inflation, Deflation, UPSC Economy , Fundamentals of Economics for UPSC CSE, Fundamentals of Economics for IAS Exam, Economics Syllabus for UPSC CSE, UPSC Online, UPSC Exam, UPSC Examination, UPSC Syllabus, UPSC IAS Exam, IAS Questions, IAS Syllabus, IAS Preparation, IAS Exam Syllabus CSE Exam, CSE Syllabus.


42 lessons • 5 h 35 m
Overview: Indian Economy Decoded

4m 41s

Introduction and Concept of Economics

8m 54s

Nuances of Economic Growth and Development

8m 11s

Measures of Economic Growth

9m 28s

Fundamentals of Economic Development

6m 57s

Sectoral Division of the Economy

3m 33s

Planning System in India

8m 52s

Planning Institutions

5m 58s

Introduction: Fiscal Policy

2m 13s

Components of Budget: Fiscal Policy

9m 12s

Budgetary Process: Fiscal Policy

9m 44s

Introduction: Taxation System

9m 40s

Terminologies in Taxation

7m 37s

Goods and Service Taxes

6m 06s

Introduction to Monetary Policy

2m 12s

Objectives and Functions: Monetary Policy

9m 39s

Bank Rates and other Mechanisms

8m 36s

Comparison between Fiscal and Monetary Policy

5m 18s

Introduction to Inflation

2m 36s

Concepts of Inflation

9m 41s

Impact of Inflation

8m 02s

Contemporary issues with Inflation

9m 34s

Basics of External Sector

8m 43s

Conversion of Currency and Rate System

9m 15s

Concepts of Foreign Direct Investment

7m 50s

Banking system in India

9m 27s

Basel norms

8m 39s

Contemporary issues related to banking

7m 52s

Public Sector Undertakings in India

5m 12s

Important policies related to industry

9m 34s

Contemporary issues related to industry

9m 22s

Financial Markets

4m 04s

Money market

8m 24s

Capital Market

9m 18s

Securities and Exchange Board of India

3m 01s

Poverty in India

11m 19s

Unemployment in India

10m 03s

Economic International Organizations

9m 57s

International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank

10m 08s

New Development Bank and Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank

10m 38s

World Trade Organization

12m 40s

Contemporary issues related to World Trade Organization

13m 15s



252 reviews

Roman Saini

reviewed on Jan 5, 2017

Everyone should watch this MEGA course of 50 odd lessons. Mohini has explained all the concepts of Economy with amazing ease through the art of storytelling.

Arpita Christian

reviewed on Jan 7, 2017

excellent course it is ma'am thanks u so much for this initiative... very well explained and tremendously useful for beginners with no economics background. and big thanks to team Unacademy for bringing such talented educators, Unacademy is truly a boon for all UPSC aspirants.. :-)

Abhishek Kumar

reviewed on Jan 6, 2017

She is Angel, her course is Sanjivni for all of us. This course has significantly summed up all the topics as per UPSC syllabus. Thanks a lot for this philanthropism. God bless you.

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