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Overview (in Hindi)
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An overview of this course

Divya Sinha
"We should not give up & we should not allow the problem to defeat us"...A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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Aurora australis
Aniket Bhosale
10 months ago
  1. Struggle fo Independence 4th Phase(1940- 1947) Presented by DIVYA SINHA

  2. Divya Sinha Dhanbad,Jharkhand., (pursuing) About Me: Upsc Aspirant. Love to teach, Cooking & Discuss & Reading

  3. Target Learners:- D UPSC Exam Aspirant. CSE in focus. SSC CGL STATEPSC OTHER GOVT EXAM History Lover.

  4. What we going to Find in Upcoming Lesson:- August Offer 1940 Reaction to Auqust offer The Individual Satyagrahas Suspension of Individual Satyagraha. Cripps mission 1942 Rejection of Cripps Mission Failure of Cripps Mission Quit India Movement August 1942 COURSE of the Movement Regional participation in Quit India Movement Reaction of other parties Suppression of Quit India Movement

  5. Subhash Chandra Bose Formation of Indian National Army Active phase of INA Rajagopalachari formula 1944 Desai-Liaquat Proposals 1945 Wavell Plan and Simla Conference 1945 Gandhi-Jinnah Talks Naval Mutiny 1946 Cabinet Mission Plan 1946 Purpose of the Cabinet Mission Great Calcutta Killing

  6. Interim Government Constituent Assembly Mountbatten Plan Nationalist Leaders disapproved the Plan Indian Independence Act > Rising Religious Hostilities between Hindus and Muslims Compromise Attempt Failed >Direct Action Day 16 August 1946 Mountbatten Decides on Partition Partition of India Reasons for Partition of India

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