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Overview (in Hindi)
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This is the overview of this course in which Soniya Sharma describes the ninth class NCERT biology important points.

Soniya Sharma
•B.Sc. from Agra University •Educator at Unacademy • Follow me for General Science specially for Biology (Botany + Zoology)

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7/10....................great job sir pls keep going.
Great course for students .
  1. unacademy OVERVIEW

  2. HELLO FRIENDS ABOUT ME unacademy SONIYA SHARMA B.Sc. (ZBC) From Agra University IReading Teaching | |Singingl Rate, Recommended, Share Follow Me: econmmendde ma

  3. unacademy Biology Chapters Of Ninth Class NCERT Lessons .- The Fundamental Unit Of Life (Part- 12) Tissues "Diversity In Living Organisms (Part-12) Why Do We Fall Ill Natural Resources Improvement In Food Resources

  4. unacademy Lesson:-1 The Fundamental Unit Of Life What are Living Organisms Made Up of? What is a Cell Made Up of? What is the Structural Organisation of a Cell? Lesson:- 2 Tissuest What is Tissues? Plant Tissues Animal Tissues

  5. unacademy Lesson:- 3 Diversity In Living Organisms What is the Basis of Classification? The Hierarchy of Classification Groups Monera Protista Fungi Plantae Animalia Lesson:-4 Why Do We Fall of Ill Health and Its Failure Disease and Its Cause Infectious Diseases

  6. unacademy Lesson:- 5 Natural Resourcest The Breath of Life: Air A Wonder Liquid: Water Mineral Riches in the soil Biogeochemical Cycles Ozone Layer V The Breath of Life: Air Lesson:- 6 Improvement In Food Resourcest Improvementin Crop Yields Animal Husbandrv v Animal fusbandry