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Overview (in Hindi)
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The lesson gives you the overview of the course and describes the basic levels of ecological organisation.

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
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Unacademy user
father of plant ecology :- Alexander von Humboldt ma'am is it true............
term ecology is given by Ernest Haeckel
Mam there is one correction term Ecology was given by Ernst Hackel not Reiter. please correct it........
Lakshmi Shajahan
6 months ago
No. It was first coined by Reiter in 1868 and then used by Haeckel in 1886.
Megha kumari
6 months ago
Reiter is father of ecology
Lakshmi Shajahan
6 months ago
There is a controversy about who coined the term Ecology and first used it in the literature. There are references that Henry David Thoreau in 1858 and H. Reiter in 1868 used the term for the first time but Ernst Haeckel first gave substance to the term Ecology, as he defined ecology as the knowledge of the sum of the relations of organisms to the surrounding outer world, to organic and inorganic conditions
I love yr voice ma'am.
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