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(Hindi) Organisms and Populations- For Pre-Medical Exams


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Tamanna Chaudhary

The course takes you through the entire syllabus of organisms and populations which includes ecological levels of organization,biome of India and world, discussion on ecological niche and ecological equivalent, major abiotic factors- Temperature, water, light, soil and topography, types of organisms on the basis of temperature tolerance, salinity tolerance, climatic zone one lives in, uv components of light, light zonation of lakes,characteristics of soil, pedogenesis,types of soil on the basis of texture, source and productivity, responses to abiotic factors, adaptations for water scarcity, water abundance and salinity, various rules- allen's, bergmann's, rensch's and jordan's, types of xerophytes, population attributes,population growth and growth models and population interactions.



22 reviews

juhi Thakkar

reviewed on Oct 9, 2019

loving ur courses mam thanks a lot make lectures on other topics also

Masti King

reviewed on Jul 26, 2019

purely ncert thanku mam your explanation is very gd but mam pls tell us about the question arises in neet which part of the chapter

Yashika Agarwal

reviewed on Apr 18, 2019

I cant evn tell u how much thnks u shld give to u.... I didnt evn know a single word of this ecology and after seeing ur lectures visualising them in my brain i m like u ask anythung from ecology i can answer thnku so much..... Thnku❤️❤️❤️

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