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Overview (in Hindi)
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Overview of the course.

Ravendra Yadav is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ravendra Yadav
Am an engineer by profession,Teacher by passion. ☺️ any doubt? don't worry I will hunt it.

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sir degree circular form wali puzzle karwaiye.
  1. Ravendra yadav BE passout Pursuing ME UPSC ESE aspirant yadav.ravendra9-6050

  2. 8. Elementary Engineering Electric circuits, Circuit Law, Principal of Superposition, Thevenin's Theorem, Introduction to periodic function, Series and parallel connection in steady AC, Circuit having Induction, Resistance and Capacitance, Junction transistor, Junction diodes, Equivalent Circuits, Common emitter equivalent circuits, Magnetic effect of an electric current, Magnetic Circuits, ldeal transformer, Transformer as a circuit element, Electromagnetic energy conversion, DC motors and Generator performance, AC motors and Generator performance 9. Environmental Engineering Water pollution and purification, Waste Water Treatment, Air Pollution and its Control, Ecological Balance