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Overview (in Hindi)
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Priya Malani
Hello! BTech(Aerospace),Cleared Afcat(2 times),BDM@GarudaAerospace

Unacademy user
I think if further continue in economic stimulus will increase fiscal deficit. Then why govt is keen to increase in public spending??
Lakshmi Soujanya
2 years ago
Yes you are right Raam !! But, Fiscal Stimulus by the Government will be only upto that time till the economy recovers & thereafter it will not continue.
Nag Raj
2 years ago
Ya I also got same doubt. Madam clarified well.Thank you Madam
Sree Raam
2 years ago
ohkk... thanks for your answer
Lakshmi Soujanya
2 years ago
You're Welcome :)
  1. Hello! I am Priya Malani I am here because I love to share my knowledge You can find me at @ ser/priyamalani96-4980 unacademy

  2. MCQ's of Flight Mechanics OPriya Malani

  3. TARGET AUDIENCE Engineering Students *Gate aspirants * Anybody preparing for engineering services exams * Aspirants of ICRB,BARC and other such exams * Anyone who wants to get into deep knowledge of the subject

  4. OBIECTIVES2 * To have a basic idea on flight mechanics * To understand the basic concepts of aircraft performace as well as stability To have a brief knowledge of atmosphere properties * To have an idea about various types of aircraft and configurations To take a test of our own knowledge * To revise the subject

  5. Topics to be covered

  6. COURSE STRUCTURE * Venturis,Basics * Lift & Drag Ground Effect, Stalling * Stability,High speed flight Climbing,Turning * Flaps,Propellers Flying controls Flutter,Gust load factor

  7. Thanks Any questions? You can find me at - @ 4980

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