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Overview (in Hindi)
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Objective course how to practice Time and work

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Hai sir... pls discuss and make these valuable courses in English medium also...sir... pls... your valuable courses will be so much beneficial for every Indian student equally due to language problems... pls sir...pls make courses regarding to the latest pattern and syllabus for SSC cgl and chsl upcoming..pls which section u r believing that u can give your best pls sir pls make it accordingly.... hopefully u understand our humble concern regarding of our concern... waiting for your valuable reply and changes.. yours sincerely vinay Singh....
Saurabh gupta
a year ago
ok..I will try to upload in english also
सर plz solve this qu. from LCM MATHOD-- A किसी काम को अकेले 12 दिनों में समाप्त कर सकता है।उसने उस कार्य को 4 दिनों तक किया और शेष कार्य B ने 15 दिनों में समाप्त किया।B इसी कार्य को अकेले कितने दिनो मे समाप्त कर सकता था??
Saurabh gupta
a year ago
let the total work LCM of 12,15, 4=60 units A's 1 day work = 60/12 = 5 unit total work done by A in 4 days = 4*5 units = 20 units Now work remained for B is 60-20=40 units B's 1 day work = 40/15 = 8/3 units if B does 8/3 units in 1 day then B will alone finish total 60 units in = 60/8/3 or 60*3/8 days 45/2 days Ans
Sir, waiting for more courses by you..Please upload

  2. About me Cleared SSC CGL 4 times Tax Assistant in 2012, Interview Post in 2013, 2014, Excise Inspector in 2015 Cracked PA/SA EXAM From Agra U.P

  3. OBJECTIVE Prepere you for upcoming Exams conducted by SSC. . To make you perfect and faster in solving Maths Questions . To help you clearing Exam and Securing Top To help you clearing Exam Post.

  4. Target Audience * SSC CGL Aspirants Any Exam having Mathematics in it. Anyone who wants to learn Mathematics in a different way

  5. TOPICS TIME & WORK PART-1 TIME & WORK PART-2 TIME & WORK PART-3 All type of Questions SSC has asked so far, and repetitively ask them.