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Overview (in Hindi)
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Overview of the course.

Ravendra Yadav is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ravendra Yadav
An Engineer, Enthusiastic learner & mentor in the field of Engineering. BE (EE)Cleared Gate twice ✌ and have 2 years of teaching experience

Unacademy user
answer key of tiar 1 takes how much time after exam.. please tell us
please sir previous question of mseb Je electrical video please
Ravendra Yadav
3 months ago
Ab se koi free video upload ni hoga pavan ji free live class hote hai
sir in ssc paper you told me about graph of ohm law. but I think not correct because in graph voltage represented X axis and current Y axis.
Ravendra Yadav
a year ago
x axis is voltage and y axis is current in case of ohms law
sir I'm very very confused in fuse resistance Low or high with explain.
Ravendra Yadav
a year ago
dileep it's simple look.. fuse resistance should always be less than the resistance of the device it protecting otherwise large amount of losses and heat dissipation takes place and yes it should low melting point. ☺
but finally should be low?
in uppcl exam accepted low resistance
Ravendra Yadav
a year ago
yes it's always taken wrt the device it is connected so low should be right.
Sir i am jugunu kumar six semesters
2nd sem diploma ckts 2nd sem diploma
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