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Overview Finance Commission (in Tamil)
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Overview of course What we going to discuss in the following lessons ... In Tamil

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  1. Finance Commission INDIA By AJITHCHERAN

  2. Finance Commission Terminologies Devolution of Revenue . Fiscal Federalism Horizontal Devolution

  3. Verital Devolution Horizontal Devolution CENTER STATE 10 60% 40% 20% /o

  4. Finance Commission & GST Council

  5. FINANCE COMMISSION Every 5 Year their Goals,- 1. Revenue to be shared between the Centre. 2. States and then on horizontal devolution in respect of states

  6. Gst Council Power to set 1. Tax rate 2. Exemption 3. Changes 4. Implementation

  7. This may lead to questions about who has the authority to monitor, scrutinise and evaluate the best outcomes

  8. Control Fiscal Discipline Macro stability . Fiscal deficit . Laon wavier . Fiscal silppage . Subsidy * Stalled project Unpredictable inflation .Etc.

  9. Item 1 ltem 2 39 4 Experiment data Record the information you get 29 27 4 5 20 35 5 25 from your experiment 15 10min 20min 30min 40min Include a table or graph to display what you see

  10. Aha! My discoveries What did you learn after testing? 1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit Incididunt ut labore et dolore Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do 2. 3. eiusmod tempor incididunt

  11. Conclusion What is the conclusion of your experiment? Did the results support your hypothesis or predicted outcome? How will your findings help the area of science you've researched?