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Overview: Easy day-to-day Conversations
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A glimpse into the daily situations which require conversation in English.

Palak Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Palak Sharma
Economics Grad🎓|| IELTS 8.5 Band Scorer ||Passionate Reader📖|| Theatre Actor🎭|| Global Youth Ambassador🌐

Unacademy user
why used Hindi in english vocabulary
Thank you Palak mam thank you so much I adore you :) Your voice is same as my elder sister. I watch all your short lecture and daily( MCQ)s because of your FAMILIAR voice and great quality content and one (1)thing I have to share with you that I LOST MY ELDER SISTER LAST YEAR AND YOUR VOICE ALWAYS REMINDS ME THAT SHE IS WITH ME AND SUPPORTING ME YO LEARN AND DEVELOP NEW SKILLS ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU :(
madam ji ;) your voice CONTAINS CAFFEINE (>80mg/250ml) which gives me wings so that I can fly, again with all the energy to cross the sky and the galaxies... Jo kyuki - Sitaaron k aage jahaan aur bhi hai
  1. EASY DAY-TO-DAY CONVERSATIONS Presented By- Palak Sharma

  2. ABOUT ME Economics Honours Grad Poet at Heart Content Developer Mixture of Keynes & Shakespeare POETRY RRate, Review, Recommend & Share


  4. EXPRESSIONS COVERED Saying Hello Introducing Yourself Saying Thanks" & Apologizing "Welcome" * Accepting Apologies

  5. When You Dont Know Something When You Need Help Reading the Clock When You're Interested/Bored Asking Someone to Repeat Themselves * Asking Someon

  6. When You Want to Repeat Your Point Expressing an Opinion When You're Kidding Saying Someone is Talented Expressing Happiness

  7. Giving Examples Comparing & Contrasting Partially Agreeing Describing Weather Expressing Taste

  8. * Expressing Like Expressing Dislike When You're Tired Giving Directions Asking for Information

  9. When You Find Something Beautiful When You Find Something Funny When You Find Something stupid Saying "No" Gracefully Saying "Yes" Gracefully

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