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Overview: Competitive Programming
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An introduction to the course and discussion on how the topics will be covered and prerequisites.

Adarsh Singh Gaharwar
SDE PlaySimple Games, Qualified for ACM ICPC Regionals (KGP & Gwalior 2k17) (Chennai & Amritapuri 2k16).

  1. Getting started with Competitive Programming in Codechef(Part 2)

  2. About me P My name is Adarsh Singh BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Durgapur. Currently in 3rd year. <3 Competitive programming. Interested in Data structures and Algorithms e Member at RECursion(competitive coding club) NIT Durgapur. Qualified for ACM ICPC Regionals Chennai & Amritapuri :P My profiles

  3. How we will proceed? e Learning Euclid's GCD Algorithm Discussion on problem GCD Queries Discussion on problem Marbles Discussion on problem Num Game Revisited Discussion on problem Bytelandian Gold Coins Discussion on problem Sum in a triangle Discussion on problem Chef and Friends (All implementations will be done in C/C++)

  4. Aim of this course . Through this course my aim is to slowly increase level of beginners in competitive programming. I have tried my level best to keep things simple. Your suggestions are very valuable if you find something to suggest. Just Comment. . I will try my level best to entertain your doubts and queries So, why to wait just play the next video for some awesome problems

  5. Thanks! Have a great day