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Organo Lithiums: Part 2
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Metal-Metal Exchange and Beta Lithiations

A Sethi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

A Sethi
PhD Chemistry (In Progress). Cracked tons of entrances like BITSAT, NDA, IIT-JAM, GATE, BARC, TIFR, DRDO among many others.

Unacademy user
sir, in 4th example at 3.15 u told that always Li replaced Br if present n no matter how acidic H present... but example in clayden on page 549 of 2nd edition shows exact opposite condition... then which is correct way? pls reply...
A Sethi
7 months ago
I am on page 549. Second Edition. Can't see any such example.
thank you sir for the video . sir, nitro group is meta directing group why ortho bromine is replaced
A Sethi
a year ago
Directing effect of nitro group.
Archana vallam
10 months ago
tq sir,sir,becoz of directing effect of nitro group, electrophile should attack meta position ,as it is meta's not clear how cm incoming lithium replace bromine in ortho position.plz explain
Anhad Singh
7 months ago
if bromine leaves then at Ortho position we will have +ve charge then how should Li+ will attack there at Ortho position? or br+ is leaving? plz tell...that leaving group is preferred to leave which become stable after leaving and br+ will not be stable after leaving ..plz explain
7 months ago
Anhad, exact mech is nBu- attacks on Br n form nBuBr & -ve charge leaves on Carbon n then Li+ combines with -ve charge on carbon
Anhad Singh
7 months ago
thank you prajakta
Thank you for the video. I've a small doubt.. in the first video F isn't replaced by Li. You said when there is an alkyl halide, the halide is always replace by Li. Is this an exception in case of F since F is highly electronegative?
A Sethi
a year ago
Yes, correct.
Sir can you please make videos on named organic reactions which are important for JAM exams.. Please..
sir (1st example of beta lithiation ) which Hydrogen will be replaced if Phenyl group is replaced by methyl group .
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