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Ocean Wave Part- 1
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Definition and some important

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  1. ontent Introduction Definition Properties Factors Classification Life cycle

  2. Introduction o Ocean surfaces are always in the move Surface layers of ocean move and swirl in response to wind blowing over it Ocean wave represents the sed surface which is in continuous motion o Waves occurs due to the frictional drag of wind over

  3. Definition A wave is a rhythmic movement that carries energy through matter or space o In oceanography, waves are rhythmic undulating motion of a sea surface a Usually created by wind D They are the regular up-and-down progressive motion of sea surface effected by the passages of

  4. Parts Ocean Waves Vt Wave crest : the highest part of the wave Wave trough: the lowest part of the wave o Properties a Wave height Vertical distance between the crest and trough a Wave length Horizontal distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of an adjacent wave a Wave period Time required for wave crest/trough to move from one point to another point

  5. parts Ocean Waves o Wave frequency aThe number of complete waves (or oscillations) that occur over a given period of time. Usually measured in cycles per second Wave amplitude Half the wave height