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Noun & Pronoun - IMP Rules
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Noun & Pronoun - IMP Rules Part 1

Kiran Shinde
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Mam Plz complete the Vibration Rotational Spectra in physical spectroscopy .
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  1. CORRECT USAGE By Wren & Martin

  2. Nouns and Pronouns Part 1

  3. Nouns and Pronouns EIcT. In

  4. Nouns and Pronouns . ? advice, news, information, furniture, luggage, work, business, weather, traffic, scenery, paper (writing material), bread.

  5. Nouns and Pronouns Wrong: -- He gave me an advice. Right:-He gave me some advice (or: a piece of advice). Wrong: -- The sceneries here are very good Right: - The scenery here is very good.

  6. Nouns and Pronouns . ? fquR ?T AATTAT 37TTZT 3TquT a piece of / a bottle of etc. 3RTcT o a piece of advice, advice furniture luggage work business weather traffic scenery paper news information a piece of work, o a piece/bar of soap, a bottle of milk bread

  7. Nouns and Pronouns .? fagTFr ar {Possessive (o RTO r Genitive) case} mm nified objects) (PT The Governor's bodyguards; the lion's mane; Nature's laws; Fortune's favourite. ,Tet TIda TTuT For conscience' sake, for goodness' sake, at his fingers' ends, out of arm's way, the boat's crew. aF Ter (stereotyped phrase) v

  8. Nouns and Pronouns q 97achtT {Possessive (or G 18 Genitive) case} RICIT(Nouns of space or time denoting an amount of something) A day's work, a hand's breadth, in a year's time.

  9. Person Nominative Objective Possessive Case case case Adjective Pronour mine ours First person singular me Plural We US our Second person singular You You your yours Plural You You your yours Third person singular He, She, It him/her/it his/her/it his/hers/its iThey Plural them their theirs

  10. Possessive Case ( faHR ) Possessive pronoun : TTAT T v These marbles are yours. This book is mine. > Possessive adjective : v These are your marbles. v This is my book. TtZT