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North America - Part 1 (in Hindi)
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1.Geographical location of North America 2.Importnat Facts 3. Cultural Division of North America 4.Countries and their Capital 5. Four Great Region.

Ajay Kumar
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  1. SAOA ORLD World Geography Through Maps Presented by Ajay Kumar

  2. Road Map North America Europe Asia Africa South America Australia

  3. North America - Geographical Location Wholly within the N. Hemisphere Atlantic Ocean-E, Gulf of Mexico-S, Pacific Ocean-W, Arctic Ocean-N Separated from Asia by Bering Strait. Connected With South America through the Isthmus of Panama. Arctic Ocean Russia US Gifor Canada UnitodState GuIT or Moxico ocEA soa Caribbean Isthmus of Pana MARSWIRE

  4. North America- Facts 3rd largest continent (area wise) 4th largest in population 4.75% of the total world population 4.8% earth's surface. 16.5% earth's land area 23 countries 1000 West | 49 Nortlh Every kind of climate Discovered by Columbus in 1492

  5. North America Cultural division Anglo America (Canada and U.S.A.), Latin America including Mexico and Central America (Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cost a Rica and Panama) Anglo America Latin America

  6. North America - Countries & Capitals Central Amerlca Bemopan MEXICO BELIZE (US) Labrador Sea GUATEMALA Anchorage HONDURAS TLANTIc Hudspn Alasia Bay r Guatemala City Canada Ottawa EL SAL NICARAGUA OCEAN United StatesWashington D.C PACIFIC OSTA RICA Mexico Panama Chy OCEAN Sea PANAMA Caribbean Mexico City 500 COLOMBIA 500 Vle IRE

  7. North America 4 great regions 1. Great Plains >Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Arctic 2. The geologically young, mountainous west Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, California and Alaska. 3. The varied eastern region Appalachian Mountains, the coastal plain of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Florid a peninsula. 4. Mexico and its plateaus

  8. North America - Mountains & Plateau Arctic Ocean 100 West Greenland (Denmark) Russia Queen Elizabeth a Pt. Barrow Bering Beaufort Soa Baffin 1s. Labrador pit Bering Se ATas ka (US) Labrador Sea Mts. o Ungava ATLANTIC Aleutian islandssull of Hudson PenO P Alaska Canadian shield Bay Coast Mts C a na da WinnipegOttawa alifax eal Vanc Cascade Range 49" North ocEAN Columbian Plt. Coast Range. PACIFIC Sierra Nevada IU n ited States colorado Plt. Gulf of Mexico OCEAN Se a Caribbean erica th Am SWIR Isthmus of Panama

  9. North America Currents Arctic Ocean reenland enmark) Russia Labrador Current (Cold) Queen Elizabeth stands atin Beaufort Sea Bay Alaska (US) Labrador Sea ew Found land is. .Regular foggy conditions ATLANT Gulf of Alaska Hudson Bay Plankton growth World's most productive fishing grounds (Georges Bank C a nad a Vancou CEA N Gulf of St. Lawrence United states Gulf Stream (Warm) PACIFIC Gulf of Mexico OCEA N Sea ryi Jamaica Caribbean Isthmus of Panam erica SWIRE

  10. North America Emerald Basin Jordan Basin Browns Bank ap Wilkinson Basin Georges Basin st eorg Bank Nan Shoals Great South Channel