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New Part 6 (in hindi)
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Shubham Agrawal
IIT Roorkee Grad. IIM L |Dropout. SBI PO 2017 Topper and Dropout. Full Time Educator.

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  1. About Me Shubham Agrawal IIT Roorkee 2013 graduate IIM Dropout SBI PO under 100 ranker (dropout) Left job to pursue my passion- Education

  2. Linear Equation with 2 variables

  3. Concept If there are 2 equations of the form 1st Method 2 2. 25 , b CA 2 2. 2.

  4. Question -2

  5. Question

  6. Concept If there are 2 equations of the form 2nd Method Subtract or add one equation with the other to eliminate either x or y

  7. Question -2

  8. Question .

  9. Concept Needs 2 equations to find the unique value of the 2 variables If i then infinitely many solution (as it's a2 b2 C2 the same equation)

  10. Applications Q. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 16 If the number formed by reversing the digits is less than the original number by 18. Find the original umber.

  11. Applications /2 2

  12. Applications Q. The ratio of the ages of the father and the son at present is 3: 1. Four years earliar, the ratio was 4: 1 What are the present ages of the son and the father? 3 12_

  13. Concept . Degree (or power) of one variable is 2 General form: ax2 + bx +c0 where a, b and c are all real numbers and a 0. Example: 2x2 - 5x + 3 0

  14. Concept Roots are- - 4ac 2 First Root: 2a Second Root-

  15. Question Q. Solve 2x2 +6-7x

  16. Question Q. Solve 2x2 +6-7x 2. 48 3/ tv