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Nehru Report Part 1
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In this lecture, I have talked about the Nehru Report and its demads

Shaifa Bano
Pursuing graduation (History) UPSC Aspirant

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Ashish Uttam
a year ago
thank you keep continue your learning all the best for upcoming exams

  2. SHAIFA BANO Pursuing graduation in history from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh RATE. REVIEW. RECOMMEND

  3. After the Simon Commission and the Delhi proposals, there comes a report by Nehru which is popularly known as Nehru Report .Nehru Report is all about giving the dominions status to the Indians Nehru Report demanded the Joint Electorates Nehru report agreed to break Sindh from Punjab only when India will get the dominion status Nehru report supported the secularism .It talks about the Fundamental Rights

  4. It talks about the detail provision of citizenship .It supported the Adult Suffrage Nehru report also demanded for the equal rights for women Nehru report wanted the Linguistic Provinces .Cultural and educational rights are protected under Nehru Report Lok Sabha should have 500 members seven years term with whereas Rajya Sabha should consist of 200 members with 5 years of term .

  5. Central government should have Governor General appointed by the British government and should be paid out of the Indian revenues Muslims interest should be protected Political structure shall not be disturbed and should be in a unitary form .Nehru report says that the residual power would be with the centre It supported India as a federal country with a bicameral legislature

  6. It demanded for the minimum responsibility of the legislature . - Nehru repert was accepted within seven months in the Calcutta session of the congress of December, 1928 .Reaction comes when Nehru Report was accepted . Jinnah was very angry over the Nehru report and Hindu Mahasabha was also very unhappy with the same Hindu Mahasabha was against the reservation Muslim League also separated itself from the

  7. .Muslim League wanted the reservation according to their population in the areas like Punjab and Bengal Nehru dilemma arises over the issue of Hindu and Muslim interests .Calcutta amendments comes out by the Nehru Report . Jinnah proposed 2 demands also called as Delhi proposals in the All Party Conference that was held in 1928 at Calcutta dts reservation of seats in the minority areas

  8. He demanded for the 1/3rd seats for the Muslims in the Central Legislative Assembly The seats should be in proportion with the majority in the areas like Punjab and Bengal Residuary power should not be with the centre but with the provinces .It supported the separation of Sindh from Bombay Calcutta amendments were also opposed by the Hindus and the Sikhs