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Negotiation Skills
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This was lesson 1 on Negotiation skill

Satinder Pal Singh Narang
I am a distinguished professor at UPES. I teach Business Communication, HR & OB to M.B.A students. I have Served in Army for 38 years.

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now concept of enclave n india Bangladesh land agreement is clear. thnk u sir
Thank you sir, have to learn more from you,,, God bless you
Greatness personified by narang sir
  1. Communication and Negotiation Skill (Lesson -1 Negotiation Skill) Presented by Maj Gen (Dr) SPS Narang, VSM (Retd)

  2. About Me . Distinguished Professor at UPES With university since 2006, teaching Business Communication, HR, OB and soft skills Served with Indian Served with Indian Army for 38 years " From New Delhi - Avid sports person .

  3. Scope Negotiation Skills Types of Negotiations Stages of Negotiations > Principles and Mistakes during a Negotiation Negotiation Tactics Skills of an Effective Negotiator Surprises during Negotiation International/Cross-cultural Negotiation

  4. What is Negotiation A process ofsecuring an agreement between parties with different needs and goals, but each having something to offer to the other, and each benefitting from establishing an agreement, though the balance of power can be dependent upon whether one party's needs are significantly greater than the other' Or A process by which the involved parties or group resolve matters of dispute by holding discussions and coming to an agreement which can be mutually agreed by concerned parties

  5. Types of Negotiation > Distributive Negotiation > Integrative Negotiation Or > Multi-phase > Multi-party

  6. Stages of Negotiation Preparatory Exploratory Bidding > Bargaining > Settling and evaluation Ratification Dissemination

  7. Negotiation Tactics Negotiation decoy . Extreme offers . The negotiation nibble e Cherry-picking Negotiation flinch Cherry-picking Negotiation flinch Mutt and Jeff/ hawk and dove /Good cop/bad cop Mandated authority "Take it or leave it" Negotiation deadline Moral appeal-Name dropping/ picture/sudden appearance . . . e . Recessing e Full disclosure All I have is 60 %

  8. Conclusion V This was an overview lesson If it is liked I propose to make a complete course on Negotiation and Communication Skill' THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK