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National Parks of India 8
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hello everyone here i am going to post daily basis current news articles related to environment and ecology with science&tech. most of the news are covered by our respective jatin sir in DNA but except it i will share all the news from my own notes because everyone knows environment and ecology with science&tech cover mostly dynamic portion first news article a) The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has downgraded conservation status of snow leopard from “endangered” to “vulnerable”. It was changed after three-year assessment process by international experts. The change in status comes 45 years after snow leopard was first declared endangered in 1972. b) snow leopard species still faces serious threats from poaching and habitat destruction. KEY FACTS Endangered Species: According to IUCN,if they are fewer than 2,500 and experiencing high rate of decline. Vulnerable Species: Species are fewer than 10,000 and its population has declined at least 10% over three generations. about Snow leopard :- Snow leopard (Panthera uncial) is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia- including Himalayas, and Russia’s remote Altai mountains. It inhabits in alpine and subalpine zones at elevations from 3,000 to 4,500 m. In the northern range countries, it is also found at lower elevations. It is threatened by poaching for their fur, habitat destruction by infrastructure developments and climate change. it mostly feed on wild animals, but also prey on livestock. It usually hunts at dawn and dusk and is able to kill prey up to three times their own weight. ¬¬ National Heritage Animal of Pakistan and Afghanistan. ¬¬Listed in Schedule I of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, in Appendix I of CITES and as Endangered on IUCN Red List. 2)--) India is going to conduct first BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise- 2017 (DMEx-2017)  from October 10-13, 2017. - --) It will be conducted by National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) as the lead agency in the National Capital Region (NCR). --) The purpose of the exercise is to provide platform for sharing Best Practices on all aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), strengthening regional response and coordination for Disaster Management among BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) member countries. Key Facts Delegates from all seven nations of BIMSTEC grouping, including India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand are participating in BIMSTEC DMEx-2017. --) The main focus of exercise is to test region’s preparedness and resilience towards effective activation of inter-Governmental interaction and agreements for immediate deployment of regional resources for disaster response. --) BIMSTEC DMEx-2017 will help create synergy and synchronise efforts to institutionalise regional cooperation among member countries. It will help strengthen effective utilisation of Search & Rescue Teams for Disaster Relief & Emergency Response, including Emergency Rapid Assessment Teams and Management of mass casualties, especially in situations involving breakdown of communication and infrastructure. BIMSTEC The BIMSTEC is a sub-regional grouping comprising of seven countries of South Asia and South East Asia. It is home to around 1.5 billion people, constituting around 22% of the global population with a combined GDP of $2.7 trillion economy. Majority of the BIMSTEC countries are situated in South Asian Region (SAR) prone to natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, avalanches and drought.. 3)) a) India is collaborating with Russia to build Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh. b) It will be first initiative under an India-Russia nuclear deal to undertake atomic energy projects in third countries. c) It will also be India’s first atomic energy venture abroad. d) Rooppur Nuclear project (capacity of 2*1200 MWs) is Bangladesh’s first atomic energy project. It is being built with Russia’s help near Dhaka. e) After commissioning of two units, each with capacity of 1200 MWs, Bangladesh will be third South Asian country after India and Pakistan to harness atomic energy for energy purpose. Background f) In December 2014, India and Russia had signed ‘Strategic Vision for Strengthening Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy’ to explore opportunities for sourcing materials, equipment and services from Indian industry for construction of Russian-designed nuclear power plants in third countries. g) India had signed a civil nuclear cooperation deal, along with two more agreements, with Bangladesh in April 2017 under which two sides can supply and manufacture equipment, material for atomic power plant. Comment h) The nuclear deal with Bangladesh allows Indian nuclear establishment to grow, internationally as for years it was not been able to grow due to sanctions imposed on New Delhi post 1974 Pokhran tests. i) still it is not clear what kind of nuclear collaboration India is having with Bangladesh since both countries are not members of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), an elite grouping of 48 members that prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling  export of materials, equipment and technology that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons.. 4))
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thanks a lot brother...god bless you
Sir, the NP from Assam is missing in the lectures and pdf as well
I think a complete national park class in relation with animals will be best if you upload it.
sir national parks ka ek complete revision ek hi lesson me kr dijiye.🙏 and thank you very much for your time and consideration for us.

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