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Most Important Questions For CTET/DSSSB-2018| Lesson:04 (in Hindi)
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This lesson or this entire course will help all those aspirants who are preparing for any teaching related competitive exam such as CTET/DSSSB/TETs/KVS etc.

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Thirteen people live in a building consisting of nine floors. Not more than three people live on any of the floor. The ground floor is numbered one and so on till the topmost floor numbered nine. The top and the ground floor is not vacant. H lives above D and lives with at least one person on the same floor. C lives below G but not below to H. F and J live just above the odd vacant floor. Six floors are between the floors on which E and B live. E lives with not more than one person. Four persons live between G and D. A lives with only M and on one of the odd numbered floor above B. Three persons live between J and B. K and L live on the same even numbered floor. C lives above J. E lives above B. Only one floor is vacant between the floors on which M and F live. I lives just above the even vacant floor, which is above the odd vacant floor.
we love u mam God bless u.thank u
Name of the report of Kothari commission was not "education for all" it is "education and national development"
one request h mam ap theory name ko Hindi me bhi bol diya kijiye.Ap kuchh ka hi bolte ho.Agar sare ka bolengi to Hindi medium wale jayada connect ho payenge .plzzz
Muje 125 questions se aage nhi show ho rhe...
mam .. upload some more videos....mam u r awesome

  2. Let's LEARN! Something About Me This is HIMANSHI SINGH . Have keen interest in Psychology. . Pursuing Eng. Hons. From Delhi University I've done D.El.Ed from Delhi I have a YouTube channel named "Lets LEARN"

  3. 76. Maria Montessori's method is based on Constructivist approach 77. Action theory is given by- Weber 78. First adult intelligence test was developed by - Wechsler 79. Who developed the componential analysis approach to intelligence- Robert Sternberg 8o. What are schema Organized packed of information stored in long-term memory 81. Who was a " Pragmatist Philosopher - John Dewey 82. The author of the " The Discovery of the child " is - Maria Montessori 83. Whose name is associated with the book " Hereditary Genius"- Francis Galton

  4. 84. Instrumental Conditioning is given by- B.F Skinner 85. What are Thorndike's main law of learning - Law readiness, exercise, effect. 86. Basic instincts given by J.B Watson- FAL- Fear, Anger & Love 87. Experiential learning is given by - David Kolb 88. Social development will help in Social adjustment 89. Personality test by questionnaire- Woodworth go. Ability is transmitted in human by - Gene 91. Both X an Y Chromosome are found in - Male Cells

  5. 92. SLT is given by- Albert Bandura 93. How many NCF's have come till now? - 4(1975,1988,2000,2005) 94. 'Education For All' is a tagline of- Kothari Commission 95. Operation Blackboard is associated with- Basic facilities at primary level. 96. John Locke, Plato, Edward Lee Thorndike, B.F Skinner, J.B Watson, Clark Hull, Dollard-Miller, Gagne- Behaviorists 97. Rouesseu, Rabindra Nath, Pestalozzi- Naturalists 98. Meaning of the word 'Persona' is- Mask 99. Reversibility comes in- Concrete Operational Stage(7-11 years) 100. Ego-centrism is a characteristics of- Pre-operational stage(2-7 years)

  6. "Be your oun constant" -Himanshi Singh Let's LEARN!