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Most important History One Liners - Part 6 (in Hindi)
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Starting your dose of Most important history one liners for today.

Neha Sharma
STAR EDUCATOR on unacademy. Winner of teachathon (design category). Currently teaching for SSC CGL.

Unacademy user
Sir, as a mechanical engineering student ,would it be okay for me to give less time and efforts to maths cauz the level of questions in gate mechanical are easier compared to other branches??
Yes, it's upto you but I would suggest that if something is easy work on that to make it perfect, 15 marks is a lot
  1. Most Important Histor One Liners For SSC CGL By Neha Sharma NS

  2. Q.76.In which session was 'PURNA SWARAJ adopted as It's goal by INC? Ans- Lahore Session Q.77.Who first started the civil services in India? Ans-Lord Cornwallis 0.78. Which ruler had granted Diwani to the East India company? Ans- Shah Alam II Q.79.Who named 'Prayag Nagar' as 'Allahabad"? Ans-Akbar Q.80.Who passed the Indian university Act? Ans Lord Curzon NS

  3. Q.81.By whom was Saka era founded? Ans- Kanishka Q.82.Which Peshwas was popularly known as Nana-Saheb? Ans- Balaji Baji Rao Q.83.Who was the President of the Indian National Congress, while the Mountbatten Plan was accepted? Ans- J.B. Kripalani Q.84.Who first voiced the idea of a separate Muslim state in India? Ans- Mohammad labal Q.85.Who founded 'Bharat Sevak Samaj' (Servants of Indian Society)? Ans- Gopal Krishna Gokhale NS

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  5. Q.86.Who had the Revenue system during Akbar's reign? Ans- Todarmal Q.87.Attack on 'chittgaon arsenal was done in whose leadership? Ans- Surya Sen Q.88.Who is associated with Tashkent Agreement? ALs. wWhaoadvoradted the policy of abolishing princely states infee Lal Bahadur Shastri Q.89. Who advocated the policy of abolishing princely states in free India? Ans- J.L. Nehru Q.90.Who was responsible for the integration of Indian Princely States? Ans- Sardar Patel NS

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