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Mock Test 15(in Telugu)
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Modern Indian History Quiz

Raghunadhabhatla Vijay is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Raghunadhabhatla Vijay
Education is never just a career for me,it is service to my nation Ruthless UPSC aspirant | General Studies Faculty | Graduate From GITAM

Unacademy user
sir I don't understand u r question 3. and I have some difficulty regarding converting into radian
Chirag Gagrani
2 years ago
1) S is your observation point on Earth. AB is actually the diameter of Jupiter. So when you rotate your instrument from A to B (which are end points of the diameter of Jupiter), you rotate by angle theta (which is the parallax angle). The rest is simple application of the formula discussed. 2) The most important thing to remember is that 360 degrees = 2*pi radians = 2*3.14 radians = 6.28 radians. Just do 2-3 more examples from NCERT book and I think your confusion will be cleared. I hope I have answered your queries sufficiently.
Arpit Ranjan
2 years ago
thank u
Satyabrat Sahoo
2 years ago
sir I can't understand your second and third question of the first page