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Mock Test 15 MCQ for અને GPSC Class 1-2
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Lekh Patel
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Neetu Rani
a year ago
What you want to convey...Rohan...
  1. DAILY MCQ TEST-15 for and GPSC class I-2


  3. DAILY MCQ TEST-15 for and GPSC class I-2

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  5. Proteins from drumstick plant can help provide clean water to millions of people across the world. Moringa oleifera plant, or drumstick, is native to India and grows well in tropical and subtropical climates. In India, it is cultivated for food and oil. Even its leaves are used in some recipes.

  6. China Taiwan Myanmar Hong Kong Philippines Sea Laos Bay of Bengd South Philippines Chins Thai Canal +0km. Straits of Malacca +1,200 km. (Time saving 2-3 days) Sunda Strait +2,800 km (Time saving 4-5 days) Lombok +3,500 km. (Time saving 5-6 days) THAILAND blands Shoit ofl Mabco Thai Canal . Brunai Ma Malays Boneo Sulawes avo Sea Sundo Stot Lombok Torres Soaits 6-7 days Lombok Strait Australia

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  8. NABH (Nextgen Airports For Bharat) Nirman initiative It aims to increase the number of Airports and their capacity to handle traffic. It proposes to expand it and increase the traffic handling capacity of airports by more than five times the airport capacity to handle a billion trips a year. The project aims for construction of 100 new airports in the next 10 years, by investing Rs 2 trillion.