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MOA, AOA and Various Doctrine
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Memorandum of Association, Article of Association and Doctrine as applicable for CA Foundation.

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  1. ompanies Act 2013 CA Foundation

  2. MOA .The Memorandum of Association of company is in fact its charter; (constitution and the scope of the powers of the company) Content of MOA- . Name Clause Registered Office clause . Object clause Liability clause Capital Clause Association clause

  3. Doctrine of Ultra Virus The meaning of the term ultra vires is simply "beyond (their) powers" .The impact of the doctrine of ultra vires is that company ca neither be sued on an ultra vires transaction, nor can it sue.on it. An ultra vires contract can never be made binding on the company It cannot become "Intravires" by reasons of estoppel, acquiescence, Lapse of time, delay or ratification. (Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron Company Limited v. Riche-(1875)

  4. Article of Association The articles of association of a company are its rules and regulations, which are framed to manage its internal affairs. . Differences Objectives: Relationship: Alteration: Ultra Vires:

  5. Doctrine of Indoor Management The Doctrine of Indoor Management is the exception to the doctrine of constructive notice. .Also known as Turquand Rule. . The Royal British Bank vs. Turquand Case law .The indoor management rule, that the company's indoor affairs are the company's problem.