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Classes of Companies
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3. Classes of Companies

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  1. ompanies Act 2013 CA Foundation

  2. Classes of Compan On the basis of Liability - * Company limited by shares * Company limited by guarantee: * Unlimited company Unlimited Co. No limit on the Liability is not unlimited till the time Company is not wound up. Liability of each member extends to amount of Company's debt and liabilities. liability of memberswhe lability ceases when he ceases to be member Member can be called to contribute only in the event of winding up of Company However, he can claim contribution from other members.

  3. Classes of Company On the basis of Member- . * One Person Company OPC Private Encourages alSeparate Company Company in entrepreneurship requirementsLegal Entity Liability One member Limited and are simplified through nature corporatization of business exmptions

  4. Classes of Company On the basis of Member- . & Private Company [Section 2(68)] * No minimum paid-up capital requirement. *Min 2 & Max 200 * Prohibition on invitation to subscribe to securities of the company Small company is a private company.

  5. Classes of Company . On the basis of Control * Holding and subsidiary companies: * Associate company - The term "significant influence means control of at least 20% of total share capital, or of business decisions under an agreement. On the basis of access to capital: Listed Company * Unlisted Company .

  6. Classes of Company . Other Company Government Company-51 % or more shareholding * Foreign Company 2(42) * Section 8 Company - For charitable objects like ASSOCHAM, * Dormant Company Inactive company or no significant FICCI etc. accounting transaction * Nidhi Company Receiving deposit and lending to memebrs

  7. Classes of Company . Other Company Public Financial Institutions Established or constituted by or under any Central or State Act V At least 51% of the paid-up share capital is held/ controlled by the CG or by any St te Govt./s or partly by the CG and partly by one or more State Govt.