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Missing DI for IBPS PO: Part 7 (In Hindi)
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Missing DI for IBPS PO: Part 7 (In Hindi) This is a beautiful course of Data Interpretation for IBPS PO, in which variety of DI Sets have been solved by unique objective method. All the best. "Math Dikhta Hai"

Amar Sir is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Amar Sir
Teaching with a unique way 'Math Dikhta Hai', developed over 24 years. Taught 50k+ students with 5k+ positive results

Unacademy user
please give the explanation of 2 nd question in odd days concept in exercise
Swetha Sripada
2 years ago
Today is tuesday, so after 7 days it would be tuesday, that is for each and every multiple of 7 i.e, 14,21,28,35.....70.. -- all these days will be tuesdays. On 70th day it will be tuesday. 71 st day is wednesday and 72nd day will be thursday. Human error. Apologies :) and thank you
Harshitha Ayti
2 years ago
thnk u