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Miscellaneous Questions: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Miscellaneous Questions: Problems based on Ages and Time and Work.

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Amar Sir
Teaching with a unique way 'Math Dikhta Hai', developed over 24 years. Taught 50k+ students with 5k+ positive results

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Respected sir, I want all your videos of maths subject apply for every exam.. please help me.
apke channel or yhan alg alg videos hai ya same
  1. A renowned faculty of Objective Mathematics, Personal Interview/ GD, General Studies, Indian History Amar Sir An experience of 24 yrs of teaching at Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro [Jharkhand] and Sambalpur [Odisha]. Thousands of successful students in Bank/SSC/Railway/Civil Services gan is: Math Dikhta Hai"


  3. IBPS RRB ASSISTANT MAIN 12TH NOV., 2017 MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS Problems Based On Ages, Time and Work, Compoum ut Amar SirPartner

  4. and B halves hin wvestrment aftu monlhs. At the same time Asajains himwilK INE/)ame amount. Find Ih- sum 1k-age c profit Afrom a total profitf? 110e, Wa A. And,5 i932 (1) 0 : Sum DYuent aga et A and B equal to and D. B i 28 yean A and tokal time inventment war 1yen ike age) Prenent age (2) Q: 12 men can do a work w 30 day 18 en taken an much day, to complch halb hor tme. Find how many days 2S women Can do ha whole wOYK s: The compeund interei on (P) 2 y n lim by 176 Ihan ! compound inter (4)6. Aand B invent 200 and 800 wa scheme. A wilkdrew hi amoun

  5. and B halves hi mvertment afta 6 him wilK INE/)ame amount. Find Ihr {sum ot lki a (1 )6 sume4 present a9M A and n equal 07 C and totalHmee aventment wan 1 year IKe agen A and C n 20 yean. Find ,AE Prenent agerc2 (2) Q: 12 men can do a woYK m 30 dayp 18 en taken an "much day) to complut, halt 2 A +28 2 +32 2(A-c)-4 > A-c=2 12 war time. Finden han mal/3rd u kin n-2 (3) s: The compeund nteert on (P+x) in 2 yam A C c'S in Jun by 176 IKan l) compound internt occuud on (P+2x) w lhe same time. If lhene et inhouk n 201') find ihe valua e#x (4) Q: A and B invent 7200 and ,oo ima Asche me. A wilKduw hu) amount at tn 2 mm/ 9 2.

  6. and B halves han innvestment after Drenent agen efA and B n equa, to l i him wilk Ihe same amount. Finad humot i aeCand profik A from a total profh4 1100, Ilan A. And, i) 32 and D. Bi 28 yeam o t taltimeetinvet rent wan1 yea. IINE age) A and C n 20 yean. Find INE prepent age2 (2)&: 12 men can do a work iu 30 da 13 men taken an much dayy to compkt halb worK an 20 women can do 1/3d work w har ime. Find in how many days 2s women can do ihe whol woYK (3)s: The compeund imterel on Ptx) n 2 yea 2547- 4 -20W occurud on (P+2x) in lhe ame time. If lha net et iatunuk n 20%, find lhe value#x (4) Q : A and Acheme. A wilhde hi amount B, invent?200 and 8oow a attn 2 mnlth

  7. and B halve, hin investment afta 6 momlks. At Iha same time A sujeins1)0 Sumet prenent agen of A and himwilK INE/)ame amount. Find Ih- lsum ot lki ase Cand profak A from a total profit 1100, than A th tikal time et investment wan 1 year ING agen (1) 0 :Sum pre ent a Bnequal to A and C n 20 yeas. Find Iha Prevent age2 (2) Q: 12 men can do a work in 30 d 118 +22 en taken an much days to comput, halb :7 worK an 20 women can do 13rd work w Ihar Hime. Find in how many days 2s women Can do the whol wOYK s: The compeund intereoi on Pya num by 196 Ihan 1kE eom pound internt et iatnent n 20%, find lhe valua e4 scheme. A wilhdrew his amount attn 2 monlhi -3400 (4) Q: A and B invent mo and 800 w a

  8. and B halves his mvert ment afta s (1)0 Sumo prenent age ot A and b in equel to li him wilK INE/)ame amount. Find hi sum ot lki as 07 cond profild Afrom a total profh4 1100' | Ihan A. And, Di 32 yean D. B io 2 8 yean ol oldin lan C. Sam Prenent age C2 (2) 0: 12 men can do a worK im 30 dap 18 men taken an much doup to complet halb WoYK an 20 women can do 1/3rd work w 200x2 +200x :800%6+400x6 1 Kar time. Find in how many days 25 women Can do IhE whol work (3)8: The comprund mterel on (P+x) n 2 yeam num by 176 Ihan Ikr compound internt occurud on (Pt 22) wa lhe same time. If /ha,Let et nhovk n 20%, find INE value#x (4)Q: A and B invent Z 200 and goo in a 6 2 9 11 o cheme. A wilkdoew hin amount Iw 1110

  9. IBPS RRB ASSISTANT MAIN 12TH NOV., 2017 MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS Profit and Loss, Time and Distance, Simple Inter Ratio and Proportion

  10. becomes 64 Litus. Find how muchwat 5)Q If an articla wori was added tothe witial mixtun . _ man Ked upayZ80oand/hen twoouccey ve dincounto 2 oy, each wan given, find how much perncent Lom ocsurred Ihen find how much pe erceut lhe fit train ceut IhE firnt traim wcreared its serd (7)6. The simple mte ust received en 5000 as 91.pan w u Yeon n eaual to lki ST. eceived on Z(5000+x) at 10 % pan iu 3 year. find (3)0: Tn a vemel Ihe sato milk and watr n u : 1 . If ome quantity watun addud, Ain