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Miscellaneous Questions: Overview and Questions Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Average and Mensuration Questions. In this course, Miscellaneous Questions [Questions from different Chapters]; that is also known as Word Problems from Previous Year's Questions of SBI CLERK have been solved in unique way. It will be very useful for this year's exam of SBI CLERK.

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Amar Sir
Teaching with a unique way 'Math Dikhta Hai', developed over 24 years. Taught 50k+ students with 5k+ positive results

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  1. A renowned faculty of Objective Mathematics, Personal Interview/GD, General Studies Indian History "Math Dikhta Hai" unacademy Amar Sir Amar Sir (Amar Kumar Singh) has 24 years of teaching experience in Bank PO/Clerk/SSC/Railway and Civil Services [Jamshedpur, Ranchi, and Bokaro (Jharkhand) and Sambalpur (Odisha). His unique teaching style and methods have not only influenced lakhs of students online but also helped more than 5K students crack the Bank/SSC/Railways Exams. 55.4k 245.8k 2.5k Followers Lifetime views 5 Reviews An experience of 24 yrs of teaching at Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro [Jharkhand], Sambalpur [Odisha]. Thousands of successful students in Bank/SSC/Railway/Civil Services

  2. MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS SBI CLERK Previous Year's Memorv Based Questions Amar Si

  3. MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS SBI CLERK Previous Year's Memorv Based Questions Amar Si

  4. w tion fess INa tuiHon fpihy 1)8: The avnag momlkly come Sidd li was more lhan hal paid by Riddii, by sot,how much was Rid705of. The avna allowance? (iT) P and R n 8,250)- : (a) 260 )7300 (C) 00 (d)8000 Ce) 600 a triangh. If INE aue9 !h triangh n 294m,"and INE gu pective atio elitn height and tane n 3:4 (a) 108 Cb) 96 (84 ()2 e) 60 (5)0:The intout earned when aAumet 120 0/- Simple intoutat INE rak 20% pa ) u,MF, 60/- lun lhan lhe amount received when waowvnted or 2yew n nehem B (offing eompound tourt (a)z 4000 (A)Z 2500 (C) 1500 (d) 3000 () 2000 (4)0:The uauowances seceived by Riddli and


  6. Hui thon fees. T4 Iha tuithon fe The avwags mmlkly uncome Siddw was more lhan lhar paid ny Riddli, by sot, how much war Rid 705o/. The avena allowance? i z) (A I goc(A)! 40(016u0@ uace) Nou AA whai n inemarily w come P ? ( whak nine mon ,kly un come ef P 2 ( 2) l@ 2004) 7800 (C) 7400 (d)8000 Cei. 600 (2)0: The ida a nquan equal to lhe heigh! triangl. If INE,ana lhatriangh 294m, and lhe suspeetivato height and ase n3:4, atR 27700 2(ptotR -2170SD+770 tg25 (A) 108 (A) 9sCc) 84 (d) 72 (e) 60 (3)0: The toust eaned when asumet (A): The inte uate ned2h(e)6 1200 3000 |Simpla internt at INEnak 20% pan) waar 60L lun lKan lhe annou t received when waow voted Pt0+R 2300 0 (a 4000 (AR2500 cc) 1 500e) 3000() 2000 (e) : T he num of allowances aeceived by Riddhi and Riddhi and Siddhi,6 - Siddhi tngelKOL wa^ 3300


  8. I4 IN tuition few The avwags mmlkly ucome tution feas Siddhi was more lhan lhar paid Riddhi, by how much war Riddhis allowancer? (in ) | whah nine mon,kly come P 2 ( 2) )200 (4)7800 CC)y00 a)3000 600 (2)0: The idu a quan n equal to lhe height et a triangl. If INE auaq INE triangh 2947-and INE guPetive atiod in height and baan 3:4, i @1800 (17 uo C64 32 (5)0: The internt eamed when aAumet 1200/- SmPle intoum at the rak ed 20% pan)wanwie60d for 2yea nehem loffering compound uteut h:21 2 per me i.yx2 1:7 (a),4000( )32500 (C)F1 500 ( ) 000 cer200 (4)9:The um of alowances seceived by Riddli and Siddhito2uKOL wa^ 3300. Riddhi and Siddhi,6 paid 2/31*r mpestive allowances as lhar


  10. , thnn few. If INE tuition feus Paidby |(1)0: The average monlkly weome et P and Siddlui was more ha paidby.z 705o. The avenagc monkly and allowance? (i t) 3 ST (2)0. The ^idu a nquan equa to lhe height et /ux-/460 atrianglu 80 1200-12 (A) I 08 94 do 84-(4)32--(e) 60 (3)-The mtant eared when a Mam 1200/- l00 lun lhan lhe amou t received when waowvated for 2yeas in chem Cofeing compound ton 960 ,2X4X-1460 OR4060(A)22500(C) 1500 ar 3000 ce 2000 : 4)9:The sumof albwonces seceived by Riddi and ibu e)