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Mirror image Part - 8(in Hindi)
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Mirror image part-8

Richa Pandey
Senior Faculty having student base of 15k+ experience in different organisations is of 5 yrs.I have taken seminar in RBI IDBI UCO

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Peking University Vice-Chancellor Hu Shih, who also represented China at the U.N., had written that India had dominated and culturally controlled China for more than 2,000 years without sending a single soldier. A statement of this sort coming from an institute, well known the world over, for its pedagogy throws light on the immense potential that the Asian giants have both in terms of culture and trade. Travellers like Hyun Tsang have written in great detail about the lives of people in the sub-continent, that too as early as the 7th century. Moreover, he had taken the pains to translate his work into Mandarin and other languages with which the Chinese were well versed with. In spite of not having a homogeneous societal fabric like China, India has always captured the Dragon's attention for its ability to put up a governing front that has encouraged industry especially after the LPG reforms of 1991. Whenever, the then Gujarat CM, Mr. Modi had travelled to China, he was given an entourage -- an honor generally extended only to Presidents and PMs. But that has not stopped the Dragon from pumping 46billion USD in the CPEC - a move seen by many with which China wants to maintain an offset with India. But having said that, The Red Party and all the members of Politburo including Xi Jingping are very well aware that, with India (with a population of 1.3 billion) in the neighborhood, it need not look anywhere for a huge market . Be it telecom infrastructure or the steel that builds our cities, Chinese exports have always given the customers an economical option over other Western counterparts. With a debt of almost 250% of its GDP, China has shown interest in developing high speed rail in India - a sector where Japan has a considerable presence. International relations have also played a very important role in the Indo-China relations with US cozying upto India and maintaing an arm's length with Pakistan. It is in the same context that when many world powers have criticized China for its aggressions in the SCS, New Delhi has never directly blamed Beijing even after the Hague ruling. But at the same time bordering states like Arunachal Pradesh have hosted American representatives like Mr. Richard Verma and in the near future may also extend welcome to the Dalai Lama. Hence, Beijing knows the drill very well and would look beyond Confidence Building Measures, to build trust with a country with which it shares more than 4000 km of border.