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Mind Palace on Interference (Hindi)
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Simple steps to learn interference easily

Udit Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Udit Gupta
A Mechanical Engineer from NIT Allahabad here to help learners with physics. Also a Star ⭐ educator.

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  3. Interference of light Condition for sustained interference When two light waves having same frequency and to nearly equal amplitude are moving in the same direction, superimpose each other at some point, then intensity of light is maximum at some point and it is minimum at some another point 1. The two sources of light should be 2. Interfering waves must be in same 3. Sources should be monochromatic coherent. state of polarisation. otherwise fringes of different n of coherent waves colours will overlap Intensity o( width of slit 4. Distance between two coherent Intensity oc Amplitude2 Resultant Intensity Resultant Amplitude sources must be small. 2 Destructive Int. Interference termm depends upon cos 0 Phase diff | Path diff. Constructive Int. 0, 2T, 4T, Amax aa2 , 3 , 5 , 2 Imin V If intensity of both sources is same then Amina1-a2 For 11 12Io 2Tt For 11=12=10 1 min-0

  4. Young's Double Slit experiment Monochromatic light sounce p2 Second da Angular Fringe Width Fringe Width The distance between two successive bright or dark fringe is known as fringe width. Path difference Path difference, xd/D -= n2(Bright Fringe) D d rd = (2n + 1) /2 (Dark fringe) Xn+1

  5. Interference in Thin films: For reflected light (2n+1) 2 Special Cases . If two glasses of R. . 1 and 2 of same thickness t is placed in front of S1 and S2 then Extra path difference -(12-m) t -Shifting distance of central fringe x-: (14-W t/ If a glass plate of thickness t and R. . is placed in front of the slit then the central fringe shift towards that side in which glass plate is placed, because extra path difference is introduced by the glass plate. -Extra path difference -: (H2-14): -Shifting distance of central fringe x A(A-H2)t/ For transmitted light . Maxima 2 cos r = Minima 2ut cos (2n+1) 2 Reflected agh light

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