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Millennium Development Goals: Syllabus of Indian Polity for UPSC CSE/IAS Exam
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It deals with the description of millennium development goals, introduction, tricks to remember them, why is it essential to go through them in a post-2015 era, criticism and India's progress.

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WHen will be the lecture on SDG will be available sir? Current information made available very useful. Thanks.
Sir please make lecture on SDG, all the courses are really helpful and informative.
all d lessons r extremely helpful
other easy way to remember..HUNG in a state assembly, CM HEALTH colapses due to MALARIA,leads to new political ENVIRONMENT DEVELOPMENT.. H-health UN-univer pri edu G-gender equality similarly others...
  1. Millennium Development Goals Presented by Roman Saini

  2. Why study now? No need to go in detail Will help develop a historic perspective which is extremely critical for understanding future (Post-2015 Development Agenda, SDGs) Valid upto 2015 All UN Member states agreed (189 then, 193 now) in UN Millennium Summit in 2000. Specific targets attached to each goal

  3. 8 International Development Goals To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger To achieve universal primary education . To promote gender equality and empower women To reduce child mortality To improve maternal health .To combat HIVIAIDS, malaria, and other diseases . To ensure environmental sustainability To develop a global partnership for development

  4. Criticism Lack of proper research, analysis and justification as to why these particular goals were achieved Uneven progress between various nations Lot of focus on external aids, processes and limited community participation Only lip service to environmental sustainability No specific mention of agriculture fields, in certain parts of the world . Very very difficult to measure the progress, next to impossible in certain

  5. India's progress Decently successful, especially in reduction of poverty and hunger MMR 560 in 1990 so target is 140 by 2015, 167 per 100,000 live births in the period 2011-13, lets see when latest RGI-SRS comes out IMR : Target- 29/1000, 40/1000 (RGI-SRS, 2013) 21 Targets: Many will be met (1/3rd to 1/2), once the data is out Many though, sadly, will not be achieved

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