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Learn All The Parts Of Indian Constitution: Syllabus of Indian Polity for UPSC CSE/IAS Exam
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This lesson deals with various parts of Indian constitution : Original constitution had 22 parts and now after 100 amendments, it has 25 parts. It also explains which parts have been added and deleted from the constitution. And it goes on to summarise all the part along with their articles and their chief mandate.

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  1. Parts of Indian Constitution Presented by Dr. Roman Saini

  2. Introduction Original constitution had 22 parts : I to XII . Roman numeral With subsequent amendments, suffix have been added (IX, IXA, IXB) Currently 25 parts

  3. Insertion and deletion IVA : Fundamental Duties (42nd CAA, 1976) IXA : The Municipalities 74th CAA, 1992 IX B: The Co-operative Societies (97th CAA, XIV A: Tribunals (42nd CAA, 1976) VII: Deleted (7th CAA, 1956)

  4. Parts Subject Articles Expanse I The Union and its territory 1 to 4 . Il Citizenship 5 to 11 Ill Fundamental Rights 12 IV Directive Principles of State Policy 36 to 51 IV-A Fundamental Duties 51-A to 35

  5. Parts Subject Articles Expanse V The Union Government 52 to 151 Chapter The Executive 52 to 78 Chapter l Parliament 79 to 122 Chapter IIl Legislative Powers of President 123 Chapter IV - The Union Judiciary 124 to 147 Chapter V - Comptroller and Auditor-General of India 148 to 151

  6. Parts Subject Articles Expanse . VI The State Governments 152 to 237 Chapter I - General 152 Chapter ll- The Executive 153 to 167 Chapter IThe State Legislature 168 to 212 Chapter IV - Legislative Powers of Governor 213 Chapter V - The High Courts 214 to 232 Chapter VI - Subordinate Courts 233 to 237

  7. Parts Subject Articles Expanse VIII The Union Territories 239 to 242 IX The Panchayats 243 to 243-0 . IX-A The Municipalities 243-P to 243-ZG IX-B The Co-operative Societies 243-ZH to 243-ZT X The Scheduled and Tribal Areas 244 to 244-A

  8. Parts Subject Articles Expanse XI Relations between the Union and the States 245 to 263 Chapter I - Legislative Relations 245 to 255 Chapter I - Administrative Relations 256 to 263

  9. Parts Subject Articles Expanse XIl Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits 264 to 300-A Chapter- Finance 264 to 291 Chapter Il - Borrowing 292 to 293 Chapter III - Property, Contracts, Rights, Liabilities, Obligations and Suits 294 to 300 Chapter IV - Right to Property 300-A

  10. Parts Subject Articles Expanse XIII Trade, Commerce and Intercourse within the Territory of India 301 to 307 XIV Services under the Union and the States 308 to 323 Chapter I - Services 308 to 314 Chapter I - Public Service Commissions 315 to 323 XIV-A Tribunals 323-A to 323-B