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Metal cutting 3 - Types of angles (in Hindi)
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Prakhar Shrivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Prakhar Shrivastava
INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCTION | IIT B | NITIE | GATE - 2016 ( AIR -03, SCORE - 939/1000) |Tennis | Street plays | Foodie

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  1. Manufacturing Process - Metal Cutting 3 - Rake, Side relief, end relief and cutting edge angle PRAKHAR SHRIVASTAVA

  2. EDUCATOR'S INTRODUCTION Prakhar Shrivastava I am an Industrial and production engineering graduate JEC, Jabalpur GATE 2016 AIR 03 (PI GATE SCORE - 939/1000 Cracked written and interview for IEOR, IIT B Currently pursuing PGDIE from NITIE, Mumbai (One of the 15 centers of excellence including IIT's and IIM's) My hobbies Tennis, Street plays and big time Foodie Https://

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