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Metal cutting 21 - Machinablity (in hindi)
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Prakhar Shrivastava
INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCTION | IIT B | NITIE | GATE - 2016 ( AIR -03, SCORE - 939/1000) |Tennis | Street plays | Foodie

Unacademy user
sir ur courses are just awesome.. i have watched 31classes of this course till now but my small suggestion is please try to cover particular topic(like of ngt and paris agreement which is not here) in quiet detailed manner so that if any ques is framed then we can ans it
Chetan Gaurav
3 months ago
All are covered in later classes...first finish the whole course
Shivani MISHRA
3 months ago
okay sir thanku ur courses are very good enough and in a simple lang thats the plus point
  1. Manufacturing Process - METAL CUTTING 21 - Machinablity PRAKHAR SHRIVASTAVA

  2. EDUCATOR'S INTRODUCTION Prakhar Shrivastava I am an Industrial and production engineering graduate JEC, Jabalpur GATE 2016 AIR 03 (PI GATE SCORE - 939/1000 Cracked written and interview for IEOR, IIT B Currently pursuing PGDIE from NITIE, Mumbai (One of the 15 centers of excellence including IIT's and IIM's) My hobbies Tennis, Street plays and big time Foodie Https://

  3. Machinabilitylhe ease o volich the -malende Material Can be Machined s klas ma chinabili Machining Index (MI) . Criterionof cutting fonces Criterion of Swita ce inish

  4. sand specimen Tes specimen m min VT .37 o 4 L1

  5. A shandaml specimen (c is machinadl eelis machined C-4s S a Cuttin speasuch tha at which tool lie s mn ote is exactly min The cutting Sped of std-Specin denoted by V The -les specimen is machined Under cutin conditions Such thaltol lite auhich L nin min. The cutting S iS au n tool isin denotd by VT is Considlered machinable

  6. 2 qre being Machined under identicw cutting co tionThe is Considemed higher cutibonce Lessmaachinable conditions paed -feed depth of c. T Material hich red mor have better Subice binish is con side machinable

  7. a heigh of toughness avx maxm 8 R Y-side cunung edge ongleSCEA Cenhe Line Hmax avg. valu ValuL

  8. Qui, Identical sraight tu ning operan cetL Gak o Pexgormed by two oo A: 8-8-5-5 -5-2s-0 (ASA) 8: 8-8-5 S-7- 30- (AS A) ushich tool usilSwtaes finich surbace-finish Roughnus

  9. mar Hmax max )