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Mechanics and General Physics #01 (in Hindi)
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Aayush Rathi
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Mam actually cbse changed the content in reading section ..this is a 20 marker passage which consists of ..type 1 MCQ’s... Type2 1 markers ..... type 3 ... 2 marker .... and type 4 vocabulary based and another 10 marker passage with note making
Sir i am 11 standard student .. i cant afford coaching.. for iit jee preparation . I tried in in 11th (final papers going on ) to accomodate jee preparation by myself. Purchased some goods books . But material is soo much out there in books that i cant complete . In short my 11 is a kind of waste in perspective of iit preparation .. I had only one year more to go. Sir plz tell what can i do to improve ? I dont want that my 12th also get wasted like 11th. I am decent student scoring good in school exams. Regular school going. Can devote 6-7 hours after school for self study Sir plz tell what can i do to improve... Love u sir❤
Rahul Singh
a month ago
be focus on main topics only and do as many previous years questions
  1. * A prirora Conurtant 800 Nm a an diag rce Con 00 N/m extenon of 5cm The ork done in exten t 1 AIEEE 2002

  2. Initial angular velocity of circular dic of Ve loc man n are gently attached to to diametcally oppasite pointb on the edpe othe dirchat ie the fnal angular velodty of the dire p OPpOS thm AIEEE

  3. A ball i releared from the top <f a toner height metre. It 'take.c T second to rocch the ground hhat i the position the ball n Ta*? AlEEE m from the gund