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Measurment ESE questions part 5 (in Hindi)
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2016 measurment ESE questions are discussed in detail.

Ravendra Yadav is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ravendra Yadav
An Engineer, Enthusiastic learner & mentor in the field of Engineering. BE (EE)Cleared Gate twice ✌ and have 2 years of teaching experience

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World MSME day-27 june
in last problem, how to get negative 5%error
Ravendra Yadav
9 months ago
question no.??
Ravendra Yadav
9 months ago
last problem is different
  1. Ravendra yadav BE passout Pursuing ME UPSC ESE aspirant yadav.ravendra9-6050

  2. (19' A 4 3- hAtLJtY, putnu balanced Source tg Supp ng a line cument povwer -to a balanced 3-y Load cag 055A at an angla ) 3o"lagting, rac the measuring power us ed for the meaa 2 (b) '500 W 1500 W

  3. 24

  4. 3 A attmatil is miaguving the power ied to Resisto n(Q 10 0-n-4 w.du clan 0 (0) 4.70 ) 8 12

  5. error r !.mx 157 x1 5157 -D 45, 57-1.02-1

  6. 3-- System r8 volid for O) balan cd star connecud Load on ) unbalanced Str Concted Load CC ) balan ted delt connecad load onl to the power contumed by twe toad. This not cee pond on .eadlu) - ke. Load /v balanced or uubalanec But one uyat melu method ca beusod only When the Load is o alan cod