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MCQs Discussion Part 2 (in Hindi)
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  1. ssif 1th _ 15th December, 2018 DNA MCQs discussion PT 2019 By - Ashish Singh

  2. Ashish Singh VERIED Edit Profile IB ACIO Il-2017(Mains Qualified), UPSC aspirant Exam cleared-SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016-Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains) 29,648 Views in last 30 days 245,145 Lifetime Views 54 Courses 8.2k Followers 24 Following Target audience UNACADEMY PLUS By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh Simplifying Indian Polity through 500 MCQs O Last date to apply is 21st December (Hindi) The Hindu Daily Editorial and News Discussion: UPSC CSE The Hindu Daily Editorial and News Discussion: UPSC CSE

  3. Q.6) 'Chang'e 4' is a lunar exploration mission that aims to achieve the first soft- landing on the far side of the Moon. It is launched by a. India b. China c. US d. Japan

  4. .Solution (b) Chang'e 4 is a Chinese lunar exploration mission that aims to achieve the first soft- landing on the far side of the Moon

  5. Q.7) Consider the following statements with respect to 'VISIONS-2 mission 1. It aims to explore how the Earth's atmosphere is slowly leaking in to space 2. It is a joint mission by ISRO and NASA Select the correct code: 1 Only 2 Only Both 1 and 2 Neither 1 nor 2

  6. Solution (a) NASA is set to launch a sounding rocket to get a closer look at the how the Earth's atmosphere is slowly leaking into space The VISIONS-2 mission, short for Visualizing lon Outflow via Neutral Atom Sensing-2 The purpose of the VISualizing lon Outflow via Neutral atom Sensing-2 (VISIONS-2) missions was to study the nature and extent of low altitude ion outflow (>10 eV) from the cusp. . DARTHMOUTH .The investigation aims to determine the spatial and temporal variations of ion outflow; the total energetic ion outflow in the remotely sensed volume and how regions of enhanced ion outflow compare in detail to the locations of field aligned currents, optical auroral emissions, enhanced electric fields, energetic particle precipitation, wave activity, and regions of enhanced/depressed electron density. GRAND 2017-2020 CHALLENGE TRICE 2 101-5GCHASER VISIONS2 CH CAPER 2 SS, 520-3 . REX 2 AZURE

  7. Q.8) Consider the following statements with respect to 'Sivalik 1. They are a mountain range of the outer Himalayas 2. They are chiefly composed of sandstone and conglomerate rock formations Select the correct code: 1cOnly 2 Only Both 1 and 2 Neither 1 nor 2

  8. Solution (c) LEGEND PAKISTAN Siwaia hils Acheulian stes The Sivalik Hills, also known as Churia Hills, are a mountain range of the outer Himalayas that stretches from the Indus River about 2,400 km eastwards close to the Brahmaputra INDIA 1 H de Terra and T.T. Paterson 2 BAMP BHUTAN Det It is 10-50 km wide with an average altitude of 1,500-2,000 m (4.900-6600 ft). Between the Teesta and Raid k Rivers in Assam is a gap of about 90 kilometres (56 mi) In some Sanskrit texts, the region is called Manak Parbat. Sivalik literally means 'tresses of Shiva. .

  9. Q.9) 'Qumran Caves' are located in a. Syria b. Jordan c. Kazakhstan d. None of the above

  10. Qumran Caves are a series of caves some natural, some artificial, found around the archaeological site of Qumran in the Judaean Desert of the West Bank .is in a number of these caves that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered The caves are recognized in Israel as a National Heritage Site.

  11. Q.10) Which of the following countries is not a member of 'Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC'? a. Kuwait b. Bahrain c. Qatar d. Traq

  12. Solution (d) AFGHANISTAN GCC is a regional intergovernmental political and economic union consisting of all Arab states of the Persian Gulf except Iraq. Its member states are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. IRAQ IRAN KUWAIT PAKISTAN BAHRAIN SAUDI QUATAR ARABIAU.A.E INDIA

  13. Solution (c) The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, an environmental treaty egally binding for its Parties which too effect in 2003, regulates transboundary movements of Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) GM foods are within the scope of the Protocol only if they contain LMOs that are capable of transferring or replicating genetic material. GENETIC ENGINEERING APPRAISAL COMMITTEE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT FOREST AND CLIMATE CHANGE .The cornerstone of the Protocol is a requirement that exporters seek consent from importers before the first shipment of LMOs intended for release into the environment.

  14. Solution (d) The Right to Fair Compensation and ransparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (also Land Acquisition Act, 2013) is an Act of Indian Parliament that regulates land acquisition and lays down the procedure and rules for granting compensation rehabilitation and resettlement to the affected persons in India. The Act has provisions to provide fair compensation to those whose land is taken away, brings transparency to the process of acquisition of land to set up factories or buildings, infrastructural projects and assures rehabilitation of those affected. The Act establishes regulations for land acquisition as a part of India's massive industrialisation drive driven by public-private partnership. The Act replaced the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, a nearly 120- year-old law enacted during British rule Amendments to Land Acquisition Act

  15. Solution (b)

  16. Q.14) Consider the following statements with respect to 'Council on Energy Environment and Water (CCEW) 1. It was launched during the Paris Climate Summit in 2015 2. It is a brainchild of India and China Select the correct statements 1 Only 2 Only Both 1 and 2 Neither 1 nor 2

  17. Solution (d) Council on Energy, Environment and Water, commonly known as CEEW, is a Delhi-based not-for-profit policy research institution. . . . Some of CEEW's research areas include resource efficiency and security; water resources; renewable energy; sustainability finance; energytrade-climate linkages; integrated energy, environment and water plans and climate geoengineering governance .l he think-tank advises the Indian government

  18. Q.15) Edaphic factors are included in a. Abiotic components b.- Biotic components c. Consumers d. Producers