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MCQ Of Chemical Bonding - 1 (in Hindi)
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Sanjay kumar
Hii this is Sanjay Kumar I have been teaching Chemistry for 4 yrs Follow me on youtube @jamchem Qualified jam and many entrance

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do sigma aur ek lone pair electron h to sp2hybridization hoga aur shape linear aur arrangment trigonal pyramidal
the shape should be the lp-bp repulsion is greater then bp-bp there is a decrease in bond angle.(referred NCERT)
ist que m 2 sigma bond h ek lone pair to structure bent Hona chahiye ......trigonal kse h
Rakesh Patil
3 months ago
consider so2 molecule which contains sp2 hybd. geometry is trigonal planar and shape is bent or angular
a has sp2 hybrid orbital

  2. AmoleculeXY2 contains two -bonds, two and one lone pair of electrons in valence shell of X. The arrangement of electron pairs around X is (a) square pyramidal (b) linear (c) trigonal planar (d) data insufficient. 1. -bonds 2. In ICl2, ICl2 and ICl , sum of the bond pairs and lone pairs on each iodine atom are respectively (a) 2, 2 and 4 (c) 4, 5 and 4 (b) (d) 2, 3 and 2 4,5 and 6

  3. (c): Geometry of molecules depends only on sigma bonded electron pairs and lone pairs but not on t-bonded electron pairs. 1. 1- Cl Cl Cl C Cl

  4. 3. The pair of species with similar shape is (b) CF4, SF4 (d) PF5, IFs I3, NH3 (c) PbCl2, CO2 In which of the following, the central atom does not use sp' hybrid orbitals in its bonding? (a) NOS (b) H, (c) NH2 (d) CH4 4.

  5. (a) (a): No. of hybrid orbitals for NOS [5 + 0-0+1]-3 .. Type of hybridization is sp2. 3. 4.

  6. In hydrogen azide (above) the bond orders of bonds (I) and (II) are (a) >2 <2 (b) <2<2 (c) <2 >2 (d) >2>2 (JEE Main Online 2018)