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MCQ - Lesson 4
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It contains MCQs on lesson 4 of Themes in Indian History Part 1

Shrutidhara Dutta
B.A ( History) Hons , Lady Shri Ram College, Cleared UGC - CBSE NET in History, Interview Stage - Assam Civil Service Exam

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.sir i am.anushka gote maharashtra nanded dist. sir in this course you memtion that phylum for plant and division for animal but sir i see in ncert class 9th texbook that phylum for animal not for plant and division for plant so sir plz corrent answer tell me.
Thanks Shrutidhara ba.Very important course.
Very useful course.
  1. MCQs Lesson 4 Presented by: Shrutidhara Dutta

  2. About Me Shrutidhara Dutta B.A ( History) Hons - Lady Shri Ram College. > M.A (History) Hons Faculty of Social Sciences, Delhi University. Cleared UGC-CBSE NET in History. Interview stage - Assam Civil Service exam. UPSC Aspirant Hobbies: reading books, singing , cooking Rate , Review and Recommend Follow me on :

  3. Question 1 Consider the following pairs: . Vinaya Pitaka Buddha's teaching 2. Sutta Pitaka Rules for Monastic order 3. Abhidhamma Pitaka - Philosophical matters Select the correct codes: a) 1,2,3 b) 1 and 2 d) 1 only d) 3 only

  4. Answer - d The Vinaya Pitaka included rules and regulations for those who joined the sangha or monastic order Sutta Pitaka included Buddha's teachings Abhidhamma Pitaka dealt with philosophical matters Each pitaka comprised a number of individual texts. Later, commentaries were written on these texts by Buddhist scholars

  5. Question 2 The famous philosopher Makkhali Gosala belonged to which of the following sects a) Lokayatas b) Ajivikas o) Jainism d) Buddhism

  6. Answer - b Makkhali Gosala belonged to the Ajivika Sect The Ajivikas have often been described as fatalists i.e those who believe that everything is predetermined

  7. Question 3 With reference to the Jaina Philosophy, consider the following statements 1. Non Injury to living beings is central to this philosophy 2. It believed that the cycle of birth and rebirth is shaped through karma Which of the statements given above is/are correct a) 1 only b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2

  8. Answer - c The most important idea in Jainism is that the entire world is animated: even stones, rocks and water have life Non-injury to living beings, especially to humans, animals, plants and insects, is central to Jaina philosophy > According to Jaina teachings, the cycle of birth and rebirth is shaped through karma. Asceticism and penance are required to free oneself from the cycle of karma. This can be achieved only by renouncing the world; therefore, monastic existence is a necessary condition of salvation.

  9. The five very important vows for a Jaina Monk and Nun to abstain from killing, stealing and lying; to observe celibacy; and to abstain from possessing property

  10. Question 4 Consider the following statements 1. Buddha's disciple Upali persuaded him to allow women into the Buddhist sangha 2. Prajapati Gautami was the first woman to be ordained as a bhikkhuni 3. Therigatha is apart of Sutta Pitaka Select the correct codes a) 1, 2,3 b) and 2 o 2 and 3 d) 2 only

  11. Answer - c Initially, only men were allowed into the sangha, but later women also came to be admitted. According to Buddhist texts, this was made possible through the mediation of Ananda, one of the Buddha's dearest disciples, who persuaded him to allow women into the sangha. Buddha's foster mother, Prajapati Gautami was the first woman to be ordained as a bhikkhuni. Many women who entered the sangha became teachers of dhamma and went on to become theris, or respected women who had attained liberation.

  12. * Therigatha is a collection of vers s composed by bhikkhunis. It is a part of Sutta Pitaka. It provides an insight into women's social and spiritual experiences

  13. Answer - a Important Places associated with Gautama Buddha Lumbini - Birth place Bodh Gaya - Enlightenment Sarnath - First Sermon > Kusinagara-Nirvana

  14. Question 7 Consider the following statements: The Hinayana Buddhists considered the Boddhisattavas as deeply compassionate beings who accumulated merit through their efforts but used this not to attain nibbana and thereby abandon the world, but to help others The Mahayana Buddhists worshipped the images of Buddhas and Boddhisattvas 2. Which of the statements given above is/are not correct? a) 1 only b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2

  15. Question 8 The "Bhilsa Topes" were published by a) James Fergusson b) John Marshall c) James Princep d Alexander Cunningham

  16. Answer - d * The "Bhilsa Topes" were published by Alexander Cunnigham in 1854. It is one of the earliest works on Sanchi

  17. Question 9 " Anda , Harmika and yashti" are parts of a a) Nagara temple b) Dravida temple c Stupa d) Chaitya

  18. Answer - b According to Buddhist philosophy, the world is transient (anicca) and constantly changing It is also soulless (anatta) as there is nothing permanent or eternal in it. Within this transient world, sorrow (dukkha) is intrinsic to human existence. It is by following the path of moderation between severe penance and self-indulgence that human beings can rise above these worldly troubles

  19. Question 10 With reference to Hagiographies, consider the following 1. It is type of inscription related to a religious leader 2. They do not record the achievements of the saint 3. They are always literally accurate Select the correct codes a) 1,2,3 b) 1 and 2 c) 2 and 3 d) None of the above