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Master Smart Approach through answer writing practice- Case Study 1
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Master the smart approach with this case study. The case talks about a classic ethical problem in public service ie diversion of public funds. Learn how to bring key words into your answer in an organic manner, learn how to generate ethical dilemmas and to list out all possible options available to the bureaucrat

Athul Vijayakumar
Appeared for Mains exam in 2013,2014,2015&2016. Teaching Polity, Ethics, current affairs, Governance and Environment for past 2 years

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ma' internal emergency still part of article 352?
Deepa Gupta
9 months ago
no was replaced by the word armed's a mistake on my side..may be the Lucent which I followed was not updated..sorry for the mistake:). and I m happy that u raised this question..other students who read the comments will get clarity of that mistake
Sumanth b
9 months ago
thanks a lot ma'am

  2. ABOUT ME Athul Vijayakumar Btech in Marine engineering (CUSAT) e Written mains 2013,14,15 &16 Topped Philosophy optional Consistently scored above 125 for GS 1 prelims GS faculty - Ethics, Polity, current affairs, governance and social justice . UNACADEMY courses . PRELIMS ROUND UP- DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS e please RATE, REVIEW AND SHARE

  3. e Prashant, an accountant with over 8 years of experience in the budget division was recently transferred to the Disaster Management division under the Revenue department. During the course of his job, he comes across inappropriate diversion of funds from his division to finance department for meeting the salary shortfalls. He immediately raised concerns about this diversion to his reporting officer, as he clearly know that such diversions can seriously undermine the efforts for disaster preparedness.His superiors summoned him to talk and during that, he learns that the superiors are aware of this practice and they condone it. They asked Prashant to keep his nose out of it, as it was not under his jurisdiction. They explained to him that the Minister won't tolerate bureaucratic interferences in such political choices and any adventurism from his part will be dealt with severe disciplinary action. Prashant after much soul searching finally decides to leave the matter e List the options that were available to Prashant?

  4. SYSTEMATIC APPROACH A STRUCTURED THOUGHT PROCESS . Identify relevant facts Identify affected parties- stakeholders . Scan and assess the ethical claims at stake - Ethical claims include Roles and associated behaviours e Interes * Values, virtues, principles & duties ts of affected parties Identify persons to be involved in resolution

  5. . Crux of the issue Misallocation of funds with officials trying to hide the fact . STAKEHOLDERS Prashant Superiors Minister Vulnerable community

  6. PRINCIPLES AND DUTIES INVOLVED -As an accountant -Professional ethics/code of conduct Vis a vis minister Objectivity - Neutrality

  7. As a public servant Commitment to public service above all other allegiances and considerations Moral courage/character Transparency and accountability Work culture conducive to ethical leadership and functioning - Public interest disclosure Work environment

  8. STRUCTURE OF THE CASE STUDY 1. Introduction :State the crux of the issue 2. Identify ethical dilemmas or value conflicts 3. List options available 4. Choose the best Course of actiorn 5. Conclusion : learnings from the case study

  9. CRUX OF THE ISSUE& STAKEHOLDERS . Crux of the issue Misallocation of funds with officials trying to hide the fact . STAKEHOLDERS - Prashant - Superiors - Minister - Vulnerable community

  10. ETHICAL DILEMMAS INVOLVED ETHICAL DILEMMAS 1. Following professional ethics Vs maintaining one's career 2. Choosing to serve the best interests of the community Vs the need to be responsive to the government of the day 3. Obeying superior's directives Vs Following personal values

  11. OPTION 1 Leaving the matter as per superior's advice Pros Work environment safeguarded and can Maintain smooth relation with superiors Department wont have to face the wrath of minister - Cons Compromises professional ethics as an accountant Violates bureaucratic responsibility of objective decision making Abdicates personal integrity and probity Compromises Commitment and dedication to public service above all other allegiances and considerations

  12. BEST POSSIBLE OPTION Reporting to superior's superior and Whistle blowing to the legally mandated authority . First report to superior's superior as per the conduct rules. If no action on that front, whistleblow to the legally mandated authority Pros - Reflect commitment to Due process in the system and personal integrity to supersede the superior's wrong advice Courage of conviction to take the difficult but righteous path even at the cost to personal career and interpersonal relationships Upholds commitment to public interest and a deep abiding dedication to public services . Cons