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Mantra 1: How to Revise
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B.Tech. in EC, GATE 2017 AIR 18, YouTuber (channel name - STUDENT MODULATOR), 5 years Teaching Experience

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thanx alot 4 this lect. mostly awaited ????????????
  1. 5 Mantras for GATE 2019 Aspirants Mantra 1: How to Revise By-AKHILESH PANDEY

  2. About Me B. Tech. in Electronics & Communication GATE 2017 AIR 18 (EC) 5 Years Teaching Experience > Youtuber (channel- STUDENT MODULATOR)

  3. Target Audience 4 Useful for all GATE aspirants + Special coverage of topics for GATE-EC aspirants 4 Strategy designed for aspirants looking for Top 500 Rank

  4. Course Overview How to revise How to utilize test series How to attempt questions in ex How to skip questions in exam How to minimize mistakes in exam am Ready to be a GATE Topper

  5. Recall Important Formulas > Write down the topics of all important formulas subjectwise in a notebook. For example for the subject "Electronic devices", write topics in notebook as: 25 Electronic Devices Intrinsic carrier concentration, mass-action law, Drift velocity and mobility relation, current density.... In morning hours of study, write all the related formulas for the mentioned topics in a rough copy and check whether you remember it or not. Write answer in Rough co

  6. Daily Practice Problems from all Subiects Fix 30 minutes for each subject to practice problems In that 30 minutes, try to take questions from all topics of the subject. Idea 1: On day 1, solve Que No. 5,10,15... from each chapter of previous year solved paper, on day 2, solve Que. No. 4,9,14..... and so on Idea 2: Make question groups of similar type of questions of previous year GATE papers and solve one random question out of each group every day.

  7. Do Time Bounded Practice Always Either you are solving GATE previous year questions or test series questions or any other question set, do time bounded practice always: Never check solutions, while solving problems Fix time for your question set (approx. 1.5 minutes per marks as 180 minutes given for 100 marks) Never take it lightly while doing problem, always make real exam type environment

  8. Clear Your Doubts Refer standard text books for understanding concept Try to solve basic exercise questions (prefer solved questions) Try to solve previous year GATE problems

  9. Never Start a New Topic at Last Moment It can hardly make a difference of 2-3 marks You may not get enough time to revise the topics that you have already mastered and due to that you may lose 5-10 marks. The concepts learnt at last moment will always lead to confusion in exam hall and chances of error are more in that. So, you won't feel confident.

  10. Thank You Rate Review Recommend Follow My Lectures on Unacademy akhilesh.pandey