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Magadh Empire (in Hindi)
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Haryanka Dynasty and Shishuganga Dynasty

Atul Kumar Pandey
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sir..its shishuNAGA Dynasty...not shishuGANGA Dynasty..tnk u.
yes it is shishunaga. sorry for that
It's very helpful, but taking too much time, you can increase your speed and cover more things.
ok I will take care about it. thanks
Sir do u provide study material?
  1. Magadha Empire For MPPSC and other Civil Services Examinations

  2. Magadha Empire Period - 6th century to 4th century BC One of the 16 Mahajanpads Played an importantrole n the developmert of Jainism and Buddhism. Maurya Empire and Gupta Empire, originated in Magadha.

  3. Haryanka Dynasty ( HIHIST) Originally founded in 566 BC by the forefathers of Bimbisara, but actual foundation is considered by Bimbisara.

  4. BIMBISARA (544 BC-492 BC) Contemporary of Buddha He conquered Anga (East Bihar/Bengal) to gain control over trade route with the southern states. His capital was Rajgir (Girivraja), modern day Nalanda area in Bihar. His capital was sorriiunded by 5 hills, the openinings in which were closed by stone walls on all sides. This made Rajgir impregnable

  5. He strenghtned his position by matrimonial alliances, Wives: Kosal Devi (Kosala. Awadh area of UP) Chellana (Lichhavi princess from Vaishali, Bihar) Kshema (Madra, Punjab)

  6. AJATSHATRU (492 BC-460 BC) He was the son of Bimbisara. He killed his father and seized the throne. Annexed Vaishali and Koshala (annexed vaishali with the help of a war engine which was used to throw stones like catapults). Kosala was ruled by Prasenjit at that time.

  7. Also possessed a chariot to which a mace (JTCT) was attached, thus fulfilling mass killings. He arranged the first Buddhist council. Buddha died during his reign.

  8. UDAYIN (460 BC-444 BC) He founded the new capital of Patliputra, situated at the confluence of Ganga and Son. His son was Aniruddha.

  9. Shishuganga Dynasty Founded by Shishuganga (444 to 363 BC). He was an Amatya (official) in the Haryanka Dynasty. His predecessor was Nagadasaka (of Haryanka dynasty) and was succeeded by Kalashoka (who is associated by second Buddhist council) Greatesta Last king was Mahanandin who was killed by his illegitimate son from a Shudra wife named Mahapadma Nanda.

  10. Please do not forget to watch Nanda Dynasty