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Lord Canning (in Malayalam)
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Lord Canning

Aswathy C is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aswathy C
Tutor in Aswamedham PSC coaching center, Penalion Academy, Karma coaching center, Master's Academy etc.. 2 year experience in Kerala PSC tra

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sir which book is better lucent or manohar pandey?
super class madam
Aswathy C
8 months ago
Thank you.. keep watching..
Thank you ma'am
Aswathy C
8 months ago
Welcome.. keep watching..
  1. Vicerovs of India -1 Lord Canning

  2. Period 1856 -1862 vLast Governor General of British India First Viceroy of British India

  3. 1857 First War of Indian Independence 1857 MAY 10 Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) (i) British Prime Minister: Palmer Stone (ii) Queen: Victoria (iii) Governor General : Lord Canning

  4. 1857 V Universities of Calcutta, Bombay, Madras . Woods Despatch Magnana Carta of English Education in India Prepared by : Charles Wood (1854) . Submitted to : Lord Dalhousie Oldest University in Modern India : Calcutta

  5. 1858 V Gov. of India Act 1858 Queen's Proclamation Act Allahabad Magna Carta of Indian People Magna Carta of India: Fundamental Rights

  6. 1859 First Organized Farmer's Revolt: Indigo Revolt (Bangal) Led by : Biswas Brothers (1859-60) Neel Darpan by : Dinabandhu Mitra V Doctrine of Lapse was Rescinded Introduced in 1848 Dalhousie White Mutiny v Bangal Rent Act

  7. 1860 V First Budget in British India : James Wilson Father of Indian Budget: P C Mahalanobis V Indian Penal Code (IPC) enacted Father of IPC: Lord Macaulay

  8. 1861 Indian Council Act of 1861 Indian High Court Act Indian Paper Currency Act Indian Police Act Archeological Survey was Established