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લોહી ના સંબંધો | ભાગ 3
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લોહી ના સબંધો ટોપિક ના અલગ અલગ દાખલ ની ચર્ચા કરેલી છે.

Mehul J Sutariya
I am professionally accountant and teaching is my hobby. Maths and reasoning is my favourite subject. Little bit help from to crack your com

Unacademy user
I have a question .... if A=[2 -3] square matrix of order 2 then adj(3A.A+12A) is ...........{ jee main 2017} [-4 1] i got he answer by simply putting the matrix A in the given adj equation ..... but when i use the property adj(AB)=adj(B)adj(A) the answer is different ....... pls help.....
Ashish Bajpai
2 years ago
when I will discuss matrix chapter in crash course will definitely take ur question .
Very nice video sir tq
Mehul J Sutariya
8 months ago
Thank u for ur appreciation