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Literary Terms : An Overview
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This is an overview lesson of the course titled 'Literay Terms'. It includes 3 sections : What is this course all about?, Why this course, and Target Audience.

Amirtha Devarajan
Student of English Literature. Passionate about teaching.Follow me for lessons on language and literature :)

Unacademy user
madam thank u for nice information......but plz change slides....font size....we r unable to read....
Good to have to back Ma'am! And that too with such an amazing course. This course is delight for all the literature lovers and will definitely help people who will be preparing for Entrance exams.
Hey, Thanks a ton!
Please make a full course on English literature as an optional as they are not available anywhere any thousands are waiting for any such course. Your tone says how sincere you are,you have read in DU and the syllabus is somewhat similar. The optional has only 2 papers which you will do in no time, we are waiting for you to take a step on... Go on... Hurry ????
Hello there. Your comment is highly motivating and makes me want to work more. Thank you so much for this comment. Made my day. I will definitely take this up in the coming few months.
2 years ago
Yes, please do that. Especially the M.A portion. Please...
It is very nice topic to choose
Thank you so much :)
thanks madam for choosing the great topic.
It is a excellent topic to choose ma'am
  1. LITERARY TERMS: AN Presented by Amirtha OVERVIEW Devarajan

  2. ABOUT ME student of English Literature Reading, Travelling and writing Follow me - devarajan7 Don't forget the 3rs and of course, sharing is caring

  3. WHAT IS THIS COURSE ALL ABOUT? Terms used for discussions, criticism, classification and analysis of literary works. will apprise you about literary techniques, literary analysis, literary devices and literary elements. 2-4 words per video.

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  5. WHY THIS COURSE? Will enhance your knowledge, diction, analysiS, speaking and writing skills Will help you become a better reader and hopefully, a critic Will deepen your understanding of language and literature

  6. TARGET AUDIENCE A must for students of literature, language, culture and history. UPSC students preparing for literature as optional paper. Students preparing for competitive exams. High school students Anyone interesting in enhancing their verbal capabilities.