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Lesson1. Engineering Stress
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We will learn the basic defination of stress and wuth help of that solve a question that came in GATE.

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mam nice explanation,,,,,,,,, some questions ask title of passage how to answer such type?
rrb je ka class sir Hindi ma chalaea
this lecture series is great but mr anubhav agrawal please also make a comprehensive lecture series on industrial engineering,theory of machines and fatigue loading
Anubhav Agrawal
a year ago
as you can see i joined 4 days ago only...and each lessom takes about 1 hour of it is very difficult to make series on such long subjects quickly...... in som we are having about 10 modules still remaining... but i will definitely cover fatigue loading for som perspective.... more info about fatigue will be on design.. if you are not understanding a particular topic I can make a video series for that... or you can contact me personally
Taufiq Abdul
a year ago
since i am studying at my own i find balancing to be quite time consuming , and industrial engineering as well from som please make a video on pressure vessel
Anubhav Agrawal
a year ago
okay bro i will make video on balancing separately for you... and i have to decide whether to start principal stress or pressure vessels next
  1. ENGINEERING STRESS Definition- Internal resistance force per unit area acting in a particular plane Arsta sbuss

  2. Stress is tensor i.e. it depends on magnitude, direction and a plane. 6 1 Stress is not a measurable quantity. . Units . SI-N/m2-Pascal (Pa) (Stress value is generally of high magnitude so we don't use SI unit) Derived unit: KPa (103 Pa) Mpa(106 Pa -> mostly used) Gpa (109 Pa)

  3. Stress is independent of material properties. Getting bored lets apply what we learned GATE 2013( 1 marks) A rod of length L having uniform cross-sectional area A is subjected to a tensile force P as shown in the figure below. If the Young's modulus of the material varies linearly from E to E, along the length of the rod, the normal stress developed at the section-SS is Q.10 EI L/2 BPEE) PE (C)2 PE AE (D)