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Lesson1. Engineering Stress
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We will learn the basic defination of stress and wuth help of that solve a question that came in GATE.

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hlo Mam aapse gate se related kuch puchna h Mam
Preeti Meghwani
2 months ago
rrb je ka class sir Hindi ma chalaea
  1. ENGINEERING STRESS Definition- Internal resistance force per unit area acting in a particular plane Arsta sbuss

  2. Stress is tensor i.e. it depends on magnitude, direction and a plane. 6 1 Stress is not a measurable quantity. . Units . SI-N/m2-Pascal (Pa) (Stress value is generally of high magnitude so we don't use SI unit) Derived unit: KPa (103 Pa) Mpa(106 Pa -> mostly used) Gpa (109 Pa)

  3. Stress is independent of material properties. Getting bored lets apply what we learned GATE 2013( 1 marks) A rod of length L having uniform cross-sectional area A is subjected to a tensile force P as shown in the figure below. If the Young's modulus of the material varies linearly from E to E, along the length of the rod, the normal stress developed at the section-SS is Q.10 EI L/2 BPEE) PE (C)2 PE AE (D)